SeanReevesDude's Best of 2010

#10 awesome sword guy


This video shows that people will nerd out on absolutely anything. Swords, armor other various weapons are no exception. The guy refers to the sword as majestic. I thought majestic was what a unicorn was supposed to be, not a big bad ass double handed sword. The over the top enthusiasm and dedication this man has for his product is epic


#9 how to report the news


When I first saw this clip I was actually watching a serious news report on T.V.  In the serious news report they had just done basically everything this video is poking fun at. The dead pan delivery works great. The video as a whole points out the ridiculous techniques that the media uses for dramatic effect. Its really good observational comedy.


#8 Honesty



Getting to the point is what this skit does and it does it well. Anybody that has been on a date, especially an awkward date has probably felt like saying some of these things. Simply cutting to  the core of what the two people are thinking in this case is whats funny, because weve been there and can relate



#7 Face Vs. Watermelon



Long and hard, do what youve got to do to make it go into that guy. Already from the very beginning Im hooked.  Someones getting hurt, thats not me. Awesome! Watermelon explosion in the face combined with a self inflicted fail. Its not only hilarious, its Gallagher approved.


#6 100 greatest movie insults

Compilations if done right are usually good. This one has a lot of movies I love and some of the best lines from those movies. You really cant go wrong. If they wanted to they probably could have mad half of it just using lines from Full Metal Jacket.

#5 Unicycle Fail


Adding insult to injury is only made better by virtue of the fact that this kid was trying to show off his unicycle skills. Luckily for the internet and all of us it didnt go quite as planned for this dude. He gets a double dose of fail and thats always funny.


#4 Barbershop Quartet Hits On Blonde


First off, I love the animation style of the clip. Secondly its just funny to hear hitting on a chick sung barber shop quartet style. The cabbie singing in his gruff voice youve got nice tits makes a great unexpected punch line. The quartet comes back with ooooooooOOOOOOOhhhhh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit and its just icing on the cake.

#3 bed intruder song

I had this song stuck in my head for about three days after I first watched it. Antoine Dodson didnt know that this news interview would go viral on the internet. He was binging serious and thats a big part of what makes the song great, because he wasnt trying to be funny and he comes across as ridiculous, but funny.

#2 A New Dukes of Hazzard

I really get sick of how politically correct the world has gotten and this video flies in the face of off all that is politically correct. The best part is that every negative connotation or non P.C. element in the video is perfectly alright to laugh at and enjoy. The people in the video are poking fun at their own races and cultures for the most part. The whole thing is just fun and should remind people to lighten up.

 #1 Command Fail


This video for me was epic. It has so many things going for it. Its short, but sweet and has a metric ton of re-watchability. Youve got a little kid and her dog for starters. If you paid any attention at all in potential fail 101; kids and animals are one on the top of the list of things to watch out for. Right off the bat weve got potential internet gold here. The girl is all pumped up and excited once second and utterly owned the next. The absolute best part is the sound she makes. I would bet money that when most people viewed the clip the first time laughed their asses off; then immediately re-watched it, still laughing and mimicking the sound the girl makes. I know Ive watched the clip at least fifteen times and its still funny. I love it!

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