Sears customer service chat fail

So I had to order a Christmas present for my father-in-law today.  The only store that had it is about 15 miles away.  The things I do to fuck his daughter...

Anyway, here's the chat I had with slow as fuck customer service while trying to order the damn thing and use Rewards to make it cheaper:

Please wait for a Sears Customer Service Representative to respond. This chat may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes. Thank you for holding.

Hi, my name is Wanda, and it is my pleasure to assist you today. May I have your name?

Wanda: How may I help you today?

Steave: I'm checking out and using my rewards card and it isn't recognizing my PIN

Wanda: Good Afternoon.

Steave: 7081058117073575 is my Member #

Wanda: I am sorry to hear that you are having trouble using your rewards card.

Wanda: Thank you Steave.

Wanda: I'll be more than happy to check the details on your card.

Wanda: Steave, may I have the item number please?

Steave: Item #00931013000

Wanda: Thank you.

Wanda: May I have your area zip code please?

Steave: 44303

Steave: the nearest location that has the item is in Parma

Wanda: To confirm, are you referring to the "Craftsman 5-Drawer Basic Ball-Bearing Tool Center" priced at $119.99?

Steave: yes

Steave: trying to purchase it

Steave: do i have any rewards I can use toward this purchase?

Wanda: Thank you for confirming the item. That's an excellent choice.

Steave: wow, you are wasting my time

Wanda: One moment please.

Steave: can you help me with this or are you going to compliment me until it's out of stock?

Wanda: Let me check the details on your To help you better, let me add the item to cart and push the cart to you, so that you can place the order later.

Steave: it's in my cart

Wanda: I am sorry for the typo.

Wanda: Steave, may I have your rewards pin number please?

Steave: 3749 5223

Wanda: Thank you.

Wanda: Steave, is this the first purchase after you received the rewards card details?

Steave: i don't think so, but it's been a while

Wanda: Thank you.

Wanda: Steave, I am experiencing the same error saying "Oops. We didn't recognize your numbers. Please try again. Are you sure you got the right number?".

Wanda: May I have your email address so that I can send you the pin number and you can confirm.

Wanda: *?

Steave: sure


Wanda: Thank you.

Wanda: Steave, is this the same email address you used while registering for the rewards program?

Steave: no idea, but probably

Steave: what email address do you show?

Wanda: I am sorry, when I provided the emaill address it says "The email address was not found in our records:".

Steave: can you look up the email address linked to my member #?

Wanda: Steave, I am sorry we do not have the option to check the details of the rewards card in my resources.

Wanda: However, I can use your phone number to send you the pin number. Or you may contact our rewards department at 1-800-991-8708. They will be able to assist you better with your rewards card details.

Steave: you could have told me that a half hour ago

Steave: is there a way for me to give feedback on this?

Steave: because it was completely useless. I'm glad I just ordered the item 15 minutes ago

Wanda: I am sorry for the delay, usually we are able to send the rewards details through the email address.

Steave: well i have over ten email addresses

Steave: not going to through them one by one

Wanda: However, I see that the email address was not found on our records. May I have your contact number, please so I can send you the pin number?

Steave: can i submit feedback about this chat please?

Wanda: Sure, Steave.

Wanda: Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Steave: i doubt it.

Wanda: It was an excellent experience chatting with you today. Have a excellent day!

Wanda: Thanks for chatting with me regarding the rewards pin number! Please take a moment and click here to fill out an Exit Survey. We greatly value your feedback! Thank you for choosing us today; we appreciate your business. Good bye and have a great day!

Thank you for chatting with us. Please click the "Close" button on the top right of the chat window to tell us how we did today.


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