Secret Relationship with Neighbor


I have always been in love with my next door neighbor. For the longest time I have had a secret crush on her. Every year once the warm weather starts to show, we have a neighborhood barbeque. The most recent barbeque was about a week ago. Well, everyone in the neighborhood showed up at my neighbor’s house, the one I have the crush on. The whole party started off well and then soon died off towards 10 o'clock.


Here is a little background on my neighbor and me. She’s 41 years old, divorced, and really hot. I'm 23, single, and horny.


So anyway, the party started to die off and everyone started to leave. Once everyone left it was about 11 o'clock and it was just me and my neighbor sitting at her table chatting about various subjects. After a couple drinks, we started talking about the subject of drugs.


She explained to me how back in the day she used to do lots of drugs. She even mentioned that drugs are what lead to her divorce from her husband. We chatted some more and I soon found out that her drug addiction was nothing else than marijuana.


The day got later and I realized we have been chatting a long while. It was almost 2am. By this time we have had many many drinks and discussed tons of stuff. I felt as if I reached a whole new level with her and thought I had a chance. Since we had been drinking a lot, I didn’t want to spoil any chance I had with her. I told her that we should hang out again, basically implying that I was going to head home.


Soon after telling her I was leaving, she got up and told me not to leave. She said these exact words "Don't leave. Do you want to fuck me?" I immediately stopped dead in my tracks. You should have seen me. I was like a deer in headlights. I was standing there, jaw dropped, in total awe. I responded as cool and calm as anyone else would. No, I’m just kidding I screamed "Fuck yeah I do!"


Well, I think you all know what happens now. She grabs me. We go into her bedroom. Then we start having sex.


The best thing about having sex with an older woman is that you don't need a condom. In our drunken conversation she explained to me how she had her tubes tied and how having sex with no condom is amazing. I took advantage my right to not use a condom. I must say, it is frickin amazing.


So, sex time ends. Then morning came. I left and went home to avoid any awkward conversation which is almost inevitable with any case of drunken sex.


A couple days pass and I get a call from her. "I know this might be a weird question..." she said "...but did we have sex?"


I told her we did and she said "Oh, Jesus, I didn't tell you?"


I started getting curious and said "Tell me what?"


"I used to be a man"


My jaw dropped. To this day, every time I go into the shower, I scrub my dick raw.

Uploaded 05/11/2008
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