See all of you in heaven

By the time I finish writing the blog, we will all be dead. I assume my dead corpse will sprout Mooron, pinkinsh, and summer scented flowers into the gritty soil left from total destruction. In which it will read into bold English "A Great Man Was Born and Then Eventually Died". I imagine it will mark the newcomer's great utopia of civilization. On the right side of my rotting, witherd, and dead body will lay a nice half smoked pack of Marlboro full flavors. Also accommodated with an American hand crafted Zippo.


As I speak my last words I will be filled with deep and sorrow emotions, while pondering if I will be spared for my lustful, and fornification acts. I imagine I will, unless it's the Muslim God, then I'll bear arms and find the nearest Jew to kill to seek forgivness.


To all my bloggers out there, I can already tell there is a place for you to ramble about subjects that are not remotely close to even being relevant to main stream society.


Not that I can give an accurate numerical percentage, but most of you according to my morality detection device will spend an eternity long vacation with Hitler in the sulfuric acid pits of hell.


I could ramble about my aspirations and ambitions on becoming a world famous singer in some awesome band, now that it's 17:16 I can resume my quest to stardom.


Now that this whole heap of piled on words is irrelevant, how about we all just watch some porn and drink some beer?



Uploaded 05/21/2011
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