Self-proclaimed Elite

Hi.  I'm a whiny, snot nosed little bitch who can't really think of anything to write, so I'll just write a blog degrading people who CAN think and CAN write.  The blogs that other people write can never match the wonderful blogs I write because I'm beautiful.  Beauty trumps talent!  Besides, those people probably don't make near as much as I do.  My daddy taught me to give great head at the age of three!  That's REAL talent!

I don't know why people spend their time writing blogs that take so much thought.  I mean, who THINKS?  Gag me with a spoon.  How can they consider themselves elite when I'm more beautiful and have more money than they do.  If they think they have more money than me, I'll just call my daddy for a loan.  That'll show them!  Besides, those poor people probably give head on public busses instead of in the offices of CEOs like I do.  I'm beautiful, I'm rich, and that makes me better than everybody else, so you other poor fools shouldn't even bother writing blogs because I'm so much better than you are.

So, next time you think about writing a blog, don't!  There's no way you can match my beauty, riches, and talent for giving great head, so you're wasting your time even trying.
Uploaded 05/23/2011
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