September 11th, Iraq, and all things to do with it

Okay, I am going to rant a little here, but hell that is what blogs are for I think.

September 11, 2001.  Thousands of people died in multiple attacks on our country, not just our country, but they targeted the financial nerve center of the world.  They attacked the Pentagon, the headquarters for arguably the strongest military on the planet, and crashed a plane in Pennsylvania.  All of these attacks were heinous, no doubt.  Innocent lives were lost, and when I say innocent, people who had no ties to those who killed them.  Some may have been closet child molesters, rapists, even murders themselves, we will never know, so we will assume for patriotisms sake that they were all upstanding citizens of the country and the world.

As far as conspiracies go, they never end.  Some say we attacked ourselves because the warmonger Bush wanted to go kill shit...I personally think that is a dumbass way to look at this, trying to make it something it is not.   The same was said about FDR when Pearl Harbor was attacked...that he knew it was going to happen and hid intel so it would draw us into a war he wanted so desperately to be apart of...yet again in my eyes completely rediculous.  There have even been people saying it was not a plane hitting the Pentagon, but an internal explosion...the fact of the matter is, regardless of who or what did these attacks, the people still died by the hands of terrorists plain and simple.  Perhaps those of you conspiracy theorists are right, and it was the government.  If that is the case, they are traitors to our nation, and should be rightfully branded terrorists and put to death for their actions.  Will we ever know?  I doubt if it really did happen from internal sources, we will never know, I mean hell we cant even get a definite answer on JFKs assassination!

Iraq, however is a completely different ball of wax.  Make no mistake, we went after Afghanistan in retaliation for hiding the terrorists behind the attacks.  Iraq was a call on the current administration to try and stem the flow of further terrorist attacks into our country.  Was it a good call?  I dont know, I am not a politician or a terrorism expert, so I dont know if we have helped out slowing terrorism, or we just moved it to another place.  Did we hit afghanistan hard enough?  I dont think so.  I do know that we are stepping back up so i can only hope we finally will catch that son of a bitch Bin Laden.  If that happens, will terrorism end? No it will not.  It is like executing a serial killer...will it end murder?  Hell no.  It is about setting shit right, and Bin Laden being held accountable for his actions must happen.

So basically what I wanted to say, but i did it in lots of words, a shit ton of people died needlessly on 9/11, thousands more in a SEPARATE war in Iraq.  That shit sucks, but there is nothing we can do to bring those back, but we can spend time today, and every night when we lay our heads down to sleep, pray for those who have lost loved ones, wherever and whenever they died, and pray that it ends in the near future, and no one will have to go through the pain that these people have had and will hold in their hearts for the rest of their life.

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