So i guess i found an appropriate enough place (Well... for some people) to ask this question.

It all started when i met this girl back in school...

She was the best. She was cool, she was funny, she was keepin up her grades (soo i knew she wasnt stupid) , oo and she was quite a bombshell, if i might say so myself. I thought she was perfect.

We go out a few times, and nothing much happens. I guess i "wasnt into it enough" and she didnt wanna be with me anymore. i had my heart ripped out by the girl of my dreams.. wtf!

A few months of awkward hi's at school was all i got from her at that point. She would usually say hi to me, but she was all wrapped up in another guy, and i tried not to make anything of it. In truth... it ate at me. I was pissed at myself for not making a move when i had the chance.

school lets out, i graduate.. yay me.. awsm..

Out of the clear blue in the middle of the summer, she calls me up.

She's all cryin about something, and i kinda just sympathized, even though i had no idea what she was saying behind all the tears. She asked to come over, and wanted to be with someone she could trust.

Of course.. the first thing that came to mind was getting back with her, but i was so confused as to what to do. I knew she was gonna be crying as soon as she got here, which she was, and i knew she was gonna be very vague about what happened, which again.. she was.her bf broke up with her, but she wudnt tell me y

nothing happened that night, but she told me she wanted to be with me again sometime after she finished dealing with her bf problems.

i thought about it, and gave her some time to herself, and she gave me a call, asking if we could go do something.

It's been about two weeks since that day she called up me again, askin to hang out. I know i have to make my move, and i know shes kind of waiting for me to do something.

The way i figure it, i need to make my move soon. shes gonna run on me again,and i dont want that.

i know i need to do something, but i dont know what exactly that "something" is. When she said i wasnt into it enough, it must mean shes lookin for a more intimate relationship, right? so... should i like.. offer sex or something? in all seriousness...

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