Sexy Ladies Unafraid of Tweeting Sexiness

S.L.U.T.S as I so fondly made up an acronym for them (that's right I made that up, no googling involved) Twitter is full of em in a good way of course. Recently I have stumbled into a world I didnt know existed. Im pretty new to Twitter Ive had an account for a while but only recently have I embraced tweeting as a way to gain social exposure. In just a few days Ive gone from 8 actual social acquaintances following me because they felt obligated, to about thirty five. The only reason I mention this is for perspective, not to brag about how many people follow me, Ill brag when I reach 6 digits. Anyway somehow by none of my own doing of twenty seven new follows I have caught the interest of older women who really love showing off their goods and a lot of them are pretty hot while far from being shy. So I did want anyone like me would do, I followed them, all of them.

As a young male find this to be awesome. The pictures they post are very sexy. They take these themselves with either a digital camera or cell phone you can tell its amateur grainy photography but in a good way. Then post to twitter for the world to see; some of them even discuss their sexual exploits in there 140 character updates. (Ex. I went out for a peaceful walk in a park and ended up on my knees swallowing) Yeah, this is the shit I wake up to in my twitter stream. I recently decided to do a Slide show for Breast Cancer awareness month sent it out and they spread the word (coming soon) my e-mail was filled with breasts in no time. Awesome, I considered the idea that I had a legitimate super power.

Any of you men out there reading this and thinking or saying shit like Thats disgusting or Stop following my mom Shut the fuck up. Youre not fooling anyone this is exactly how we wish the majority of women would think and act. Bold and daring with their sexuality not afraid of having a little fun. This is the stuff my pubescent dreams were made of, dont even try to piss on this naughty parade. As for you sexy ladies out there keep doing what you're doing. Mark likes.

Seriously the photos they share are penis free and sexy, they pose in lingerie, like my girlfriend does. Oh Dont have a girlfriend? Bummer, maybe you should try talking to a real woman in public again someday; I know the last time didn't end well but try, try again loser. Anyway I encourage you to find some of these busty unashamed attractive women, for you own entertainment. I mean seriously who doesnt like naked attractive cougar in there social media feed every now and then? I know I do
Uploaded 10/20/2010
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