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The better traffic in this section is noticeable. It's great that many writers caught on. Zombies seem to be a very interesting subject, especially the theories on zombie survival. I like that there's interest in urban legends too. I wrote the blog about the expressionless woman because I liked the story, and I had no idea there would be such a high interest in these stories. Letemdangle chipped in his legend and even Marshmallow Face decided to write something. Not sure if it was cool or not cause I don't read Rin's word diarrhea, but it's admirable she tries.

It seems that many people here don't want this section to fall and nyao that we have a staff member who writes blogs that become featured, there is a chance the section will get more viewers and/or authors.

A lot of interest in the blogs I write here is from Reddit. My blogs were featured there many times, on different subreddits. I would like to thank the RPG subreddit mods for choosing my blogs on their main page. Since I like to cover different topics, I link them on different subreddits with different results. Regardless, even if some of them don't like Ebaum's World, you should follow my example. I bet there's many Reddit bloggers that don't know there's a blog section on Ebaumsworld and they might register an account here because they have read a blog I wrote here and that was featured on Reddit. PepperPeanut worked hard to add the Reddit widget, so if you write something DECENT (don't link to shit, it might be bad publicity for Ebaumsworld) it might be a nice idea to link to it on a subreddit that would be suitable for it's content.

Post your ideas for blogs in the comment section below. It was a great experience to share the zombie survival tips especially because so many different users joined in to the conversation and their approach was different, sometimes very surprising. Perhaps there's a subject you want to talk about, but you don't know much about it? Come on, write it down below

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