I hate hearing a situation arise where no one has enough gumption to formulate a different hypothesis about what is going on, so everyone just falls in line believing what they are told, and then a year later someone gets a wise idea and everyone is awestruck and immediately devotes their mind to the newfound truth, and seeing everyone who still embraces the old way of thinking as a hard-headed idiot.
in the 90's the U.S. was facing the worst crime epidemic we've ever seen, but since the figures dwindled down in the early years of 2000 i guess we have all become savage retards again. Im no supporter of terrorists, but haven't we as Americans shown more savagery than any extremist group on the face of the planet? by hunting down bin laden and killing him haven't we made ourselves the same kind of monster?didn't we kill thousands of Indians to take this land? didn't we steal everything we had from England? aren't we the enslaving, brutish, POS's that we fight so hard to kill? how many people are sleeping with their thumbs in their mouths because Bin Laden is dead? how many jokes and satiric comments will be made before people finally realize that even if he is as bad as our GOVERNMENT and MEDIA has made us believe, then he is still just a runner up to the evils of America and it's dream. hopefully, people will learn how to live and let live, and then we wouldn't be in the situation to begin with. much less making OURSELVES murderers in the conquest for what? victory? justice? well Im here to tell you that victory is for Jesus, and he is the only one fit to judge what is right and wrong. and while i might be a sinful, horrible, piece of shit of a human being, i guarantee i won't be joining in the festivities for some man being killed 12,000 miles away.

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