eyy yall ya gurl shemiqua izz back and i wanted to tell you about my day at da pawn shop.

ok well i was at the pawn shop pawnin sum shit, sellin sum shit when all of a sudden i came upon dis jewwwrry. i was like damn gurrl dis shit izz dope.Anyways i bought dat shit and wore it all day.

At about 8 or soo i wuzzz walkin when i was mugged. dis muthafucka tried to take my jewwwwry.but when dis muthafucka touched da jewwry he started shrivelin n shit. I was like awwww yeaa my jewwwwry dunn protectid me. DeNNNN DIs gypsy lookin bitch walked up to me and wuzz like gurlll you got some ancient wizard jewwry. i was like what the fuck i donn want no crack, denn dat gypsy bitch was lyke no no no you juss stumbled upon jewwry dat protects you againts mythical entities n shit. I was lyke dam bitch dats dopeee. Dat gypsy bitch lata tolded me dat dat mugga was a leprechaun and when he touched da jewwry he died.

ok ya'll dat was my dayy hit me up on that space cuz bufandaquanda aint comin ova till like 11 or soo


buh bye frum ya gurl

Uploaded 09/07/2008
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