Sheza's Thank You List 2010 Edition

On this Turkey Day eve, I am forcing myself out of my tent of cynicism and disillusionment to continue a worthwhile tradition.  Yes, it's easier to write 100 Fuck You lists than one Thank You list, but I feel a lot better while writing them.  Just like previous years, I hope that by listing things, situations, and people for which I am unendingly grateful, I will dispel most of the shitty karma I have accrued via 364 days of perpetual angry bitchitude.  So here goes:

Thank you:
-Zhu Zhu Pets game for DS

-Lori McKenna and Kimya Dawson

-inborn intelligence


-flexibility in all senses of the word

-my husband

-narrow escapes

-growing on people and people who have grown on me


-Dill Pickles (FUCK the sweet ones)

-indoor plumbing

-my mother's wedding dress

-fire extinguishers


-Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, Uno, and The Game of Life



-my kid's kindergarten teacher who possesses both of the above

-people who are not tired of my shit

-people who are tired of my shit but don't make a big hairy deal about it

-honesty with self

-rewards of the soul


-zits with tons of squeezable crap inside (on others, not me)

-people who allow me the sick pleasure of popping said zits

-laid back attitudes

- drawstring scrubs

-crock pots

-fresh starts

-Sunday mornings

-my children's innocent laughter

- crystallized intelligence

-Vicky's Strawberries and Champagne body butter

Have a great time stuffing your birds and trying to figure out what to do with your giblets.  Peace, love, and cranberries!


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