Shit Girl

So there was this girl in high school that I had an obsessive crush on. Her name was Sara and she was perfect. We shared a few classes such as physics and German and a few others. At this point in time, I had just turned 17 and she was 15, although we were still in the same year or grade. She was a short skinny girl with blonde hair put into a high pony tail and had a fringe of a few long hairs that hung down the sides of her face which she was always blowing out of the way. My god why don't girls my age these days have hair cuts like that? I never see those schoolgirl hairstyles anymore. She had a skinny teen body that wasn't too curvy yet, petite breasts that could easily fit into a hand, and the most perfect small rounded ass, and very pale white skin. The school uniform for the girls consisted of dark green school pants and green jumper which was generally unflattering, but on her these pants always seemed to be too tight, showing off the perfect roundness. Like her breasts, her ass was the perfect handful size. I'd had a crush on Sara for a long time now, and with my current social standing at school and lack of self esteem, i didn't even consider expressing my interest in her. She was one of the girls in the nerdy group I guess, quiet and hard working. But still way out of my league. Until one day...

Now let me reiterate how incredibly awesome Sara's ass was. Our school had a lot of stairs, and I always found myself walking behind her, my face level with her ass, only a few centimeters away. I was an ass man through and through. But she was also an incredibly nice, quiet and friendly girl, not like a lot of the other girls that were so stuck up, thought they were god's gift to men, obsessed with being as cool as possible. Sometimes I'd sit next to Sara in class, and we would get along fine. She was also one of those girls that you just knew had never done anything sexual. That kind of thing probably never even crossed her mind. But then one day, I had a German class with her. This German class was an elective, so there were only a few people in the class. In fact, there were 3 of us in this class. Me, Sara and another girl. And then there was our teacher, Ms. Janosec or something. Horrid lady. And due to the tiny class size, our class was put in a small windowless room at the end of the corridor in the ass end of the school. So there was a fair distance between us and other classes.

So me and Sara turned up to class, Ms. Janosec waiting for us. She was a grumpy bitch, and wasn't even German. She was of some Eastern European Untermensch descent. The third girl didn't turn up to class, which was an incredible stroke of luck for me as I would find out. So as we sat next to each other at the desk, the teacher started the so called class with "Well seeing Alix isn't here, we won't be doing any new material, so David and Sara, I want you over 9,000 to work on your assignments. Becoz zEY ARE JEW IN ONE VEEK!!" I groaned a little. I had barely started the damn thing. And to be honest, I can not even remember now what the assignment was about. "While you guys do that, I'm going to go photocopy some things. I will be a while, so no mucking around." She tapped on the table in front of me, as if to point out my own textbooks to me, as if I didn't know they were there. Sara perked up and asked "How long will you be?" "Oh I don't know half an hour." Sara looked at me, with a kind of odd look on her face. Her face was heavenly. Although she was 15 years old, her face made her look even younger. It was perfectly symmetrical dominated by large blue eyes which were able to change color from a soft grayish blue to a penetrating vivid blue eyes able to shoot lazers. It was as if they had been photoshopped or something.

But her large eyes also helped to make her look younger. And she had subtle light freckles on her cheeks, completing the whole school girl look. But at the time, her odd look was a combination of "Why is the teacher not going to leave teach us?" "Hey no teacher, we don't have to do any work." and "I'm stuck with YOU?" It was a complicated facial gesture but i was somehow able to interpret it. She then tried to brush her fringe from her face with her hand, for it to just fall back into place again. Then with a sudden annoyed but cute look, she blew the hair, kinda like Lola Bunny does in Space Jam. (No idea how i thought up of that example.) Again she was unsuccessful, and turned back to her schoolwork while the teacher collected her books and belongings, all of them, and left the room. As she shut the door, I noticed that the door had a lock on it, and at the same time i noticed the teacher took all of her things. Was she going to come back at all? I pulled my chair in to sit closer to the desk, which was actually a cover for me pulling my chair slightly closer to Sara. "Well, that was weird." I said. "Yeah.." I felt a little awkward at that point. A few seconds of awkward silence was broken by Sara. "Hey, what grammar do I use for this sentence?" She pointed to work, and I leaned in closer to see. I actually had to lean in a lot closer, because what she was pointing at wasn't right in front of her, but to the side.

So I leaned over and had a look, and showed her what to do. My face was actually very close to hers, and i was getting rather excited. And I could smell her. Girls at that age generally didn't wear much perfume, except for maybe the try hard sluts. But Sara just smelt very natural, and she had a wonderful smell, like a pleasant sweaty smell with a tinge of vanilla. When i fixed her problem she turned her face to mine quite suddenly. "Hey thanks!" she said with unexpected enthusiasm, her eyes bright. It was at that point that I realized my face was maybe 2 inches from hers. Nervously I stuttered, "'s okay." She giggled a little. She must've thought I was an idiot! So I turned back to my own work. But after a while we started talking. As nervous as she made me because I thought she was the most beautiful thing to ever grace the earth, she also seemed to be able to make me relax and feel comfortable just by talking to me. We stopped doing any constructive work, and talked about the upcoming student exchange. "I'd love to go to Germany." She said "But I don't think my parents can afford it." "That sucks!" I replied. "I'm going, my parents are paying for the tickets, and I'm using my savings for spending money." And so on the conversation continued. I made sure I stayed sitting very close to her. I was probably invading her personal space, but she didn't seem to mind. After a few minutes we were giggling and laughing, and Sara was sprawling on the table, or waving her arms about. We were getting a bit silly. And then she knocked a text book off the table. The strangest thing happened next.

Is this story moving along too slow? Too bad. Lol. The class wasn't canceled, cos it was an elective. For some reason, our school kept those classes going.

She leant over to the side and bent down to pick up the book. And as she did, her ass in the tight school pants pointed at me, as she fumbled around with the book. I couldn't help but stare. Amazing. I'm sorry, but from all the porn and JB I've seen, never seen an ass like that. With her age, her hips hadn't fully developed into the adult shape. Now not that I'm a pedo, but for some reason, this seemed to make her even more attractive. Usually at this point in the story, the story teller would usually say "and then I went hard as a rock." or "And then i popped 20 boners!" But in this situation, I was hard as a rock from the moment I was in the same room with her. Being within 5 meters of her was usually enough to get me standing at attention. So I was staring at her wonderful posterior when she farted.

What the fuck. She just farted. Pretty much in my face. What? Girls don't fart. Girl's never do that! Or so I thought at the time. I often wondered if they even shat, or if girls even had all those annoying bodily functions that us poor guys had. Although I knew that of course they do the same things we do. But they hide it so well. So the 15 year old girl of my dreams had just farted in my face. I even felt it. What the fuck. She sat up very suddenly. "Oh My God!" She said, her hand over her mouth in genuine apologetic shock. "Oh my god! I am so sorry!" She was white with horror. Then the smell hit me. In her shock, while saying "Oh my god a lot, she flopped her hand on the top of my head while apologizing profusely. I was just stunned. And the smell! Actually, it wasn't that bad. No it didn't smell like roses. It smelt like a fart. But not like those face stabbing eye watering weapons of mass destruction that guys try to plant on each other and beer and pizza nights for fun. It was just mild. "Um it's okay! I don't mind!" i said to her, trying to calm her down. I really didn't mind. I was actually turned on by it. At that moment, that particular fact hit me and freaked me out. Turned on by it? That's not normal! Trying to gather my thoughts, I put a hand on her shoulder and reassured her "Hey it's okay, don't stress out. I don't mind." Looking back at me she replied "Really?"


I replied, "Yeah, it's fine. If I had to be farted on by someone, I would prefer it were you." Wait. Stop. What did I just say? In my nervousness and freaking out, I'd gone and said something stupid. Her face changed. "Um, what do you mean by that?" She looked at me, her eyes a little gray. I don't think she felt guilty anymore and wasn't laughing either. "Um.." I stammered, noticing my hand still on her shoulder, lifting it off gently. "Well I mean..If anyone was to..uh..well...I like you Sara."

A look of shock, and perhaps terror and disgust as well crossed her face. "What, you like me? Like..." She made some erroneous gesture with her hands. I felt like I had jumped into my own grave. Had no idea what to say. "Yeah, i like you. I think you're beautiful." My life was over. "That's so sweet!" My god I hate it when girls say that!

She giggled at me. But i think she saw the crushed look on my face. I looked down at my desk. It was over. "Hey! Hey it's okay." She said. She suddenly moved her chair really close to me and nudged or bumped her body into me playfully, as if to knock me out of my out of my reverie. She giggled at me some more and said "I like you too." But as soon as she said it, she seemed to go through the same embarrassed emotions i did. She too looked away and down at her desk. She was still very close, our bodies still touching. I reached out and gently turned her chin to face me and I looked into her eyes. At that point she looked incredibly innocent, and I could tell now that she no idea what she was doing either. In the years I'd known Sara, I knew that she had never had a boyfriend. She seemed like one of those girls that had no interest at all in boyfriends, or romance, or sex or anything. I leant over to kiss her. She retreated a little, but I was still able to give a soft little peck on the lips. It seemed that seeing her innocence and inexperience gave me a little more confidence, though my mind was racing. Her lips were incredible soft and almost trembling.

Moving back a little I looked into her eyes. She looked a little upset and scared, but didn't say anything. She didn't get up and leave, or move away, or tell me to stop or slap me. So i gently touched the side of her neck with my hand, and leant in again. Had no idea what i was doing, improvising as I went. I tilted my head a little, and kissed again. This time she didn't retreat, and the kiss lasted a little longer. As we slowly moved away, i felt her breathe on my lips. This time she moved in, grabbing the side of my neck with one had, the other on my shoulder, and she pressed her lips against mine, and made a small kind of mewing noise, as her lips opened slightly. I opened my lips a little too as our kiss became more passionate. I felt something soft, warm and wet brush against my lips. My hard-on felt like it was going to burst, or snap or something. I stuck my tongue out a little and licked her lips as well, and when our over 9,000 tongues met, we broke into a fully passionate kiss. Both our mouths were open, both our tongues exploring. Her kiss was soft and rather wet. We did this, oblivious to the rest of the world, though i had no idea how long. At first it was a little awkward, we even bashed teeth a little, but she seemed to learn pretty quickly. Eventually she pulled softly away, a little chain of saliva stretched between our mouths, leaving a little bit of spit under her lower lip. That had to be the cutest most erotic sight I'd ever seen. And again she farted.

I caressed between her legs a little firmer, and she squirmed a little, moaning just slightly. We were both trying to keep quiet. and then I remembered something. "Shit!" I jumped up, and went to the door. And locked it. Just to be safe. My mind was on one thing only, Sara, and I didn't want anyone to interrupt that. In a hurry I ran back to her and resumed our face sucking. Her kisses were getting wetter, her lips and tongue spreading her shiny saliva around my mouth. She was really getting into it. My mind was going crazy, trying to remember and cherish every moment and detail. She even licked my face a little. She was crazy! I caressed her ass again, firmer this time. My fingers running down the middle. I was obsessed! And just as my hand was in the right spot, she farted again. On my hand. What the fuck! "Fuck..." she said. "that's not right, I'm sorry." Again I tried to reassure her, while making a mental note to never ever wash that hand again. This time she stank out the room. "Urgh, I feel a little funny she said, placing a hand on her lower tummy. "Are you okay?" I asked with concern. "Yeah. Dunno, must be something I ate." She winced a little, as if she was in pain. I was getting a little concern. "Oh no!" She whimpered. "Hmm? What's wrong?" i said staying close to her.

"Um, I have to.. I have to.. you know.. again." What a strange girl i thought. "What? Do you need to fart again?" She bit her lip and nodded gently with the most embarrassed look on her face. She was so cute, no matter what she did. I cuddled her, trying to be.. well I don't know. Supportive? She went a little tense. "It's okay, go for it!" I whispered. And so she did, with a little whimper of effort, she let one go. It was long and alternated from silent to loud. It was strange to hear, and to my twisted mind, somewhat erotic. This one was almost eye watering. It seemed to fill the room and thicken the air. I actually giggled a little, and as it was a ridiculous, awkward situation, all Sara could do was giggle as well. We both began to laugh. There was a lot of tension and nervousness between each other, so I guess neither of us knew what to do. So we both laughed quite loudly. But then she suddenly stopped, whimpered and gripped her tummy. "Urgh!" She groaned. I went wide eyed. "I.. I have to go.. I have to go.. oh no.. I.." She got up out of her chair, and tried to head for the door, stumbling a little gripping her stomach. "Woah!" I said as i jumped up to support her. She fell against me, and I held her. Holding her was amazing, but she seemed to be in trouble. "T... Toilet.. I need to go." The poor thing, I put and arm around her, and supported her as we moved to the door. She farted again as we reached the door. It sounded wet. Was she going to shit herself or what? I quickly unlocked the door and we went into the corridor.

Sara hung tightly onto my shoulder, as we walked down the corridor, and out to the toilets. We got to the door of the girl's toilets and let her go and motioned for her to go in. She limped and crouched over a bit. She really didn't seem well at all. Her face showed she was in pain. My heart ached for her a bit. "No.." She said, "I need your help, I can hardly walk." I was shocked. "But I can't go in there!" "Quickly..please!" She whimpered with her arm outstretched reaching for me. I didn't know what to do. There could've been other girls in there, I could have been suspended or expelled from school. But the look on her face, and my feelings for her threw my common sense out the window. "Alright. Gimme your hand." And so I held on to and supported her and helped her limp into the female toilets. To my surprise they were complete empty! No one in there at all, all the stalls empty. As I guided her to the first stall, I noticed that the place was filthy! The male toilets in the school were always in a sorry state, mess everywhere, burn marks, toilet paper everywhere. And I always assumed females were all tidy and clean and well behaved. But this place was even worse. "Will you be okay?" I said as she entered the stall and closed the door. "Yeah i'll be okay. But please don't go. Please stay!" I was just about to object when i heard her moan out suddenly. And then I heard the sound of her explosive diarrhea.

She whimpered from inside the stall as I heard her spraying shit into the toilet. She groaned deeply as if she was pushing. Through clenched teeth I heard her ask "You still there?" "Yeah! You okay?!" More groaning. I wanted nothing more than to get out of there. Some other girls could come into the toilet at any time. I was starting to panic. She moaned a bit more. "I'll be fine." She said, as I heard more of her fecal matter drip wetly into the toilet. I could hear all the splashing, and her farting noises as she pushed. I leant against the door listening, as my fascination clashed with fear. I still had a hard on. I think it had been going up and down regularly for the last half hour. But hearing her struggling away made me even harder. It seemed so wrong, so weird. Something like this shouldn't turn me on. But it did. So I did what males do, and I reached down, and began to fap slowly, just as I heard her push out what sounded like a large turd. She grunted with effort. The smell was putrid and penetrating, but kind of sweet too. Listening intently, I began to fap with more intent, my hand down my pants. She was panting inside the stall. Sounded like this was taking her a lot of effort. What the hell did she eat? "Hmmm.. I'm starting to feel a bit better now." She said from within the stall. I replied "That's good." Though I think my voice sounded a little strained, from my fapping. More sounds from the stall, and then I heard the sound of girls voices from outside the toilets.

Stricken with fear I went still, pulling my hand from my pants and the throbbing hard on. I was petrified. "Sara!" I whispered. All of a sudden the door to the stall which I was leaning on flew open. Nearly falling I saw Sara with a determined look grab my arm and pull me in. What on earth was she doing?! After shutting and locking the door, she sat down on the toilet again, with me in the stall with her. Standing in the same stall that she was going to the toilet in. I was in shock. It was almost too much for one day. I looked down at her. Her pants were around her ankles, and she looked up at me grinning. At that point I noticed her bottom half was virtually naked. Her skin was creamy and smooth. Pale and unblemished. Her legs were closed, but my eyes looked exactly where any horny teenage males eyes would look. Staring at her crotch I couldn't her VAGINA, but the sight was still enough to almost make me feel faint. Or was it the smell that was making me feel faint. As the girls voices grew closer, Sara hissed in annoyance. She whispered sharply "They'll see your feet!" You see, the stall doors had about a 1 foot gap from the bottom of the door and the floor. She was right. The girls coming into the toilets would definitely see me. I was done for. Then Sara opened her legs. I stared in surprise as her VAGINA came into view. There was very little hair, just a little sprinkled line of light brown hair just above her pussy. "Stand on the seat!" She said. But I was hypnotized, and didn't know what was going on!

"Hey! Quick." She said, snapping me out of my shock. Didn't she even realize she was pretty much naked in front of me. I couldn't stop staring at her cooch. "Hurry!" I finally realized that she wanted me to stand on the seat between her legs, so we could hide. So I quickly put on foot on the seat, lifted myself, and put the other foot down, terrified of falling in. So there I was, standing on a toilet seat between the legs of the girl I had a crush on for years, with the smell of her shit in my nostrils, and my tenting cock pointing right at her face. The other girls entered the toilet blabbering about pointless girl stuff. They were actually quite loud, and obnoxious. But I felt so awkward standing there, and looked down, and Sara was pretty much just staring at my crotch. She look up. I silently mouth the word "Sorry" to her, but I don't know if she understood. Still feeling awkward, I carefully and slowly crouched down, balancing with my feet on the toilet seat, hoping it would break, until my face was level with hers. I nearly lost my balance so I wrapped my arms around her to stop falling. Her arms also came tightly around me. The other girls were still talking, while they did whatever they do. They must've lit up smokes as well. They seemed to be taking ages. I looked into Sara's eyes. The last half hour non stop shock, and I wondered what she was thinking. She mustn't have been finished going to the toilet. Her face cringed a little, as I felt her push. It was the weirdest experience of my life, as she shat, right there in front of me.

The whole situation made me as horny as fuck, so I suddenly kissed her. At first she pulled back a little, but then pushed forcefully into the kiss. Our hands were all over each other. She was fumbling with my pants as my hand ran down her back. She pulled out my raging boner and clumsily started giving a hand job. But my hands kept going lower, and I started to caress her ass. But she was still SHITTING. WTF. I looked down and could see the shit she was pushing out, as she lowered her mouth onto my cock. I almost came right there and then. As the monster turd splashed into the shitty water, my hand and fingers ran over her asshole.

I pushed the tip of a finger into her asshole which was smeared in shit, while I pushed my cock forcefully into her mouth. I must've pushed to hard, cos she made a kind of panicked groan crossed with a gagging sound. Pushing my finger in deeper, i felt it push into her warm and moist shit. I could feel it pushing out, against my finger. I began to thrust the finger back and forth as more shit started to push out of her asshole. I twas all too much for me. I couldn't help it, i threw my head back and orgasmed, filling her mouth and throat with cum. The whole thing threw me back a little, making me lose my balance. My cock flicked out of her mouth, smacked her nose and got come all over her face, while my shit covered hand flicked specs of shit all over the cubical. I fell against the cubicle door, dizzy as fuck.

I looked at Sara. A look of disbelief on her cum splatter face. But she was breathing heavily, and started to have an evil glint in her eye. "Wow, I never thought anyone else in the world would like that kind of... Shit." she said. I was pretty much speechless. She suddenly slipped forward on the seat, and raised her legs up, the look on her face was positively evil. She spread her legs exposing her cunt and her shit smeared ass to me. I was just staring, not knowing what to do. So she instructed me, very explicitly, in a way that seemed way out of character. "Fuck me.. Please... Fuck me!" So, well I did as I was told. It was an awkward position really, i couldn't quite kneel, and couldn't quite stand. so I just had to bend my knees. She was panting heavily. "Please.. Do it!" And I obeyed, lowering myself a little, and rubbing my cock, which was dripping wet with her saliva and my cock, against her pussy. She was wet and slippery, but I still had trouble getting my cock into the right position. "Yes... yes.." She said, as if I had started fucking already. But I wasn't even in yet. I finally found where I was meant to go and started to push in.

"Ow.." she whimpered. I tried to push into her cunt, but it seemed really tight. Almost like there was something in the way. "Ow.. Ow... Ow.... Stop!" she whimpered. Pushing a little, I realized what was wrong. She was a virgin. Obviously the RIGHT thing to do woulda been to go POW and shred her hymen into, well.. shreds. But I really like her, so I stopped. "I'm sorry." I said softly. "No it's okay," she replied. "It just hurt a lot. And... and... I kinda want to stay a virgin." I lowered my head again, I didn't want to take that away from her. "I'm sorry.." She lifted my chin up with her hand, and said "You know what I do at home? I like to put things in.. you know.. the other hole. Why not try it there." I was shocked. Even after having her literally shit in my hand, I was still shocked. "But.. but.. you just shat!" "Yeah," she replied "It feels better that way! Please. Fuck me in the ass!" I was stunned, but instinctually nodded my head.

She actually moved with stunning speed, getting up from the seat, without even wiping her ass, and turned around, kneeling on the cold tiles. She leant her arms on the toilet seat, her head above the bowl, her hair almost hanging into the toilet. She raised her ass to me, and the sight i saw was just unbelievable. The most beautifully shaped and sized ass right in front of me, her ass crack smeared in shit, her asshole literally puckering in participation. The smell was mind boggling. Driving by animalistic desire, I did as she said, and gripped her hips with my hands, and leant forward to bury my cock in her ass. Of course, I missed slightly. Moved back a bit and tried again, using one hand to guide my cock. I was new at this! I felt my cock rub against her wet asshole. It felt amazing and warm. I pushed a little, and she let out a long moan. She pushed back against me and I felt her ass open up for me as the head of my cock sank into her. I pushed harder and she went "Oof!" as my cock slowly slid deeper.

She groaned and mewed and purred and started to push back hard on my cock. "Oh my god that feels so good." I said to her. Whether or not anyone could hear us, or smell us was no longer of concern. Her response was a grunt, as I finally sheathed my whole length into her shitter. But then I felt something warm against my balls, as well as something splashing against my feet. I pulled myself out a bit and looked down. She was pissing. She was pissing on me as I fucked her ass. It was even more of a turn on. "That's so fucking hot." I said, trying to sound sexy, but I probably sounded retarded. "Mmmhmm was her only response as she pushed back against my cock again. We began to build a but of a rhythm, my cock sliding smoothly in and out as her warm piss ran down out legs. I thought I was going to come again. But then she stopped moving. I looked as her face, which was downturned looking into the bowl. She was panting, and then I saw her cringe in effort. What I felt against my cock alerted me to what she was doing.

She was shitting against my cock. It felt warm and smooth, and I could feel her muscles pushing against me, as if they were trying to push me out. So I thrust in deeper, the head of my cock pushing into her warm shit. She gasped and groaned loudly. I let her push me out a bit, and then rammed myself back in, and started doing that over and over. Each time the shit slowly pushed around my cock. Going at a slow steady rhythm, she grunted with each thrust. I looked down as her shit started to push out of her ass and around my cock. It was all too much for me, and I knew I was about to come. So to make the most of the situation, I started to thrust as hard and as fast as I could. Her moans got increasingly louder. She seemed to be loving it. Or I was killing her. It could have been either. Piss and shit was dripping on my feet and mess was going everywhere, and I threw my head back and came in her ass. Shooting warm globules of seed directly into her fecal matter.

Hmm.. well.. I'm a bad story writer, so lets say those other girls tripped into a bowl of black holes and their atoms were scattered into other dimensions.

But anyways. Finished cumming in her ass. And she got scared and said you're moving in with you're uncle and auntie, etc, etc, etc.

The End!

See if you can tell where the story goes from being true to being fantasy.

A few years after, All of Sara's hair fell out, and now she wears wigs. And now she's twenty something, and looks like a grandma or something.

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