Shit is getting way too far

I would like to adress the Blog community today by clearing up that I am NOT this new user, ebaumBLOGGER. Whoever that is, they stole my avatar. I realised that by going to check their account. I did suggest him/her to get an avatar but that clearly did not mean to take mine. Its not some random pic I got on Google, its my face so it doesnt feel right.

Im also very curious to know whos thumbing down everyone and mostly WHAT DOES IT DO??? Im pretty sure it only makes you lose a few erep points and thats fucking stupid. Who would have so much time to waste on their hands that they would take the effort of doing that?

Whatever has been going on lately, I dont like and Im sure Im not alone. We like to write our stories and get comments and the interractions are usually quite fun. I even hated wallboy at first (maybe not just me) and we came to find respect for each other and having fun reading each others stuff even if we have absolutely nothing in comon.

Im not amoung the newest users but Im still kinda new to the blogs. Ive been writing them here for about 2 months now. I like to get to know to older members but its always great to discover new people too. But if youre new somewhere, wheter its here or at a new job, you have to make your place and YES sometimes you will be picked on. That doesnt mean its impossible to come around.

I am KINDLY ASKING everyone who loves the blog section to drop arms and go back to happy. Im so fucking ready to go back to happy, Im not gonna wait for anyone. Just jump on board if you wanna have sexy dirty smelly funky fun :P

Uploaded 05/11/2009
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