Shit Parenting.

If there's one thing that bothers me above all else, it's irresponsible parents, especially when they believe they are being responsible.   I saw this video in the features that is a really good example of shitty parenting. I embedded it below for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

I believe as a parent you are more responsible for preparing your child for the world than protecting your child from it.   Sure, you shouldn't let your kid run around with a pair of scissors... but if your kid stabs another child with that pair of scissors.... there should be consequence that is adhered to.

In the video that inspired this blog, there is some parents are pissed off at how the police handled their 8 year old child's violent behavior at school.    After being called to the school with reports that this 8 year old was trying to make a shank out of a piece of wood he tore from a piece of furniture or wall, they were unable to defuse the situation, and ended up pepper spraying him.

At first, I thought this was wrong.   Who in their right mind pepper sprays a child?   But then the video /news cast went on to say that the cops were called on that kid 2 other times before, for the same violent behavior.    Apparently this kid has a history of violence, and is already known to police.    Being 8 years old, it seems only right to look to the parents to take responsibility for his actions, and take the proper steps to changing his behavior.    When asked, the proud mother of this kid said that the police only talked him down the two other times they were called, why not this time? 

Well, because it didn't work those OTHER TWO TIMES.   Talk to this kid for a minute and you'll know that it didn't work.   This 8 year old boy had no problems or shame admitting that he did try and make a shank at school, and that he intended to use it if someone went after him.   He also went on to say that he has anger problems because "that's the way I am".   He see's nothing wrong with what he did, and that's a clear indication of a pure and utter lack of discipline.

Instead of calling the news and blaming the police for not being able to handle your child, try taking responsibilities for his actions, and teaching him some proper lessons.    Seriously... how is that kid ever going to learn the difference between right and wrong, when the parents are publicly attacking those who tried (more than once) to discipline him?

She complains that the police treated her son like a common criminal.  Not true... if your child was a common criminal (which he probably will be if if she keeps sticking up for him and his bad behavior)  he would be serving a long sentence for death threats, weapon charges, and resisting authority. 

If you don't want your kid to be pepper sprayed by police, or to have to visit him in jail on his 18th b-day, do everything in your power to prevent the cops being called on your child, by choosing parenting techniques that include punishing him for his bad behavior.    Don't blame the cops, don't blame the school for calling the cops, and don't blame the violent video games that you allow your son to play for hours on end... for once, take responsibility for your own faults, and just be glad the school didn't press charges and ban your child from the premises.   You know, you're given so many chances to help prepare your child for a world where such actions are not taken as lightly.  Don't expect it to get better on it's own, or expect others to do this for you.... because before you know it, that kid will be grown, and no cry to the media is going to keep him from paying the price for his actions. 

If for some medical reason, this child cannot be controlled by their parents alone, those parents need to seek the professional help their child needs.  In my opinion, not doing that, would be considered neglect.   Excusing their behavior, and focusing on how other people manage your children, is a great way to insure that your child never takes on any responsibility, respects authority, or gets his anger problems under control.   People like this think they are protecting their child from the big bad world... when really they're only ruining their child's best chance at healthy social existence in adulthood, and even childhood for that matter. 

Here's the video... let me know what you think.  Who's wrong in all this?

Uploaded 04/14/2011
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