Shoe Store Story

ok so today i was in the mall blah blah cuz its a no taxes day here for school shopping....wooo im outta freaking school.....starting college in August tho sooooi figured i needed shoes. i go to a place called the shoe dept. ok sooooo a nice sale is going on and most things are like 15-50% off including no sales tax.

there is this black guy"yes a black guy so what im not racist" who is bitching about shoe cost...hes like these shoes are 80 fucking dolars after the discount?!?!?!?!?!

sales man replies yes sir. so the guy flips out and starts yelling hes not paying 80 dollars for no damn shoes blah blah blah yeah you get it......"but i see half the black ppl here wear Jordans that are like $100-$200 a pair" i dont see why hes bitching

after like 5 min or agrueing about it they guy says ill give you 50 dollars cash and pulls a huge money clip out has probably atleast 6-7 hundred dollars in it of just 20's and offers him 50 cash. waves it like wow 50 is really somthing. to his disappointment the cashier says no. back to square one hes bitching again askin if his money wasnt good enough or something.

after like 15 mins of this and me not getting any help cuz they only put 1 shoe in a box so people dont steal them i finally stand up a pretty much yelled............"stop being such a fucking jew and pay for the shoes if you want them so damn bad. either shut up bitching or buy the goddamn things"

so i get kicked out of the store and guy is yelling at me at this point. i didnt really care i made my statement and the security guard just happened to be on his way down there....he escorts me out of the building and tells me i cant come back without an adult mahuahauha ahaaha cuz im only yes i know so my g parents are with me but shes in another store....i called them go back and buy my shoes and the guy wasnt one mentioned my yelling that shit outload to my rents but i wouldnt have cared newho. but i think its gay i got kicked out....

anyone else agree?


Uploaded 08/01/2008
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