Shoppin' With Grandpa

I'll never forget my Saturday trips to the department store with my Grandpa. All week long I would look forward the the weekend and would awaken early and get ready and be waiting on the porch when Grandpa arrived. We would laugh and tell jokes on the ride there and he would let me choose the radio station.

It was all I could do to keep from running across the parking lot but finally we would be in the store. Grandpa let me set the pace and look at whatever I wanted to look at. I would try on baseball caps or look at their music selection or spend an hour fingering through the comic books.

For lunch we would visit the in-store deli where it was always the same thing. Hot dogs and a Coke. To this day no hot dog tastes as good to me as those I ate during this Saturday ritual.

After lunch we would hit the toy aisle and Gramps would just stand smiling as I became lost in a world of Legos, Hot Wheels and games. He would let me pick one toy that I wanted and we would hurry home as fast as we could, giggling all the way.

Most people call it shoplifting but to me and Grandpa, it was just plain FUN!

Uploaded 09/13/2008
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