Shopping Day

So today What's her name informed me that becauuse she had put on a few pounds recently (perfectly fine with me, I enjoy the enhanced breasts and bottom), we needed to go shopping for some new work clothes and casual clothing. Okay I know my duty and responsibilities in a situation like this, say yes that looks good, no you don't look fat in that, and of course pay for  the privilege of going along on the trip.

With that being said I have a question for all you women out there.

Why is it necessary to look at every fucking thing in the store before you make a decision about anything? I mean really why does it take 5 hours to pick out 7 pairs of pants and 9 tops?

Now I understand that fit and appearance are important but I know what my sizes are, I know what my preferences are, and I know what looks good on me and I can quickly identify these things and get them in a timely fashion. Why can't you do the same?

I mean really What's her name has been dressing herself for a number of years, her style hasn't changed much  in the 9 years we''ve been together, so why can't she do the same?

I think it actually must be genetic because the same thing happens at the grocery store ( yes the same store we've been shopping at for 7 years) and any other store we go into.

Please ladies cut us a break, if you want us to go shopping with you plan in advance, get what you want and get out. If you want to spend an entire month wandering some fucking department store or mall call another lady friend and drag them along.

Christ I'll give you the money.

Lost in Macy's


Uploaded 06/20/2010
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