Short Blog on Sex Ed!

Perhaps it's just me, but I feel sexuality is a rather personal matter. As a child, if I had a question, I wouldn't want to stand up in a class of my eleven year old peers and inquire about the frequency of a girls period. I can't imagine a young girl asking if it hurts or not, while her classmates look on.

Holy, jump me titties, crush the grapes, what the fuck is wrong with the parents teaching this stuff? Am I not qualified? Are the technical problems outside my abilities? Do I not have the best interest of my child at hand?

Holy Jumping German Jesus, my boys in the middle of the night would come to me while the rest of my brood was sleeping and ask me intimate questions. There is no bloody way in hell they would stand up in the class room and inquire, "is my penis small"?

Teach them how to put on a condom????? Are you fucking MAD???? Is it not obvious after wearing socks for 10 or more years. What's next? Proper fecal re-movement classes?

The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation, they have no right in the business of my child's sex life, they have no, FUCKIN' RIGHT, teaching morality or proper sexual orientations to my ten year old.

Just shut the fuck up, teach the ABC and 123, and leave what, who, where, and why they believe to them and those who truly love them! 

Sorry! But I am the parent, I truly care and love my children, I reserve the right to raise them as I see fit, so you stupid fucking do gooders, stick those Trojan Horses up your jam ram, overdose on your egg rotting pill kills, slather yourselves in spermicides, build a log jam in your love canal, and if that doesn't work, take some pointed toothed forceps and ream out the intrusive little beggars!

I'm the parent, it is my right and obligation to teach my children civic and moral responsibility, not some socialistic, granny state, I never fart, mindless ideological infused, teacher who couldn't care two worm farts about my children.

Just Sayin!

Uploaded 08/11/2010
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