Shotgun.....and the Forever Backseat

I basically keep this here for my own entertainment. I'll just go off on pretty much nothing and come to the end with about the same thing. If your interested, I suggest you stay along for the ride.

Shotgun?? Shot...gun??? Why the hell do I have to yell Shotgun if I want to ride in the front seat???? Is being in the front seat such a big deal that everyone needs to yell Shotgun everytime someone jingles keys??? Would I want to be the first through the windshield??? 

This may not involve everyone, but being I'm still semi-young and have some younger friends, this is an everyday occurance. But bear with me, cause here comes another boring rant.

Now I'm guilty of yelling shotgun. Guilty maybe a few years ago, and maybe the occasional yell to mock everyone, but I could care less about sitting in the front seat. Maybe cause I'm getting older than everyone....I don't know. But how irritating is it to hear SHOTGUN everytime I want to go ride with someone.

After hearing it too much, I call Forever Backseat. I mean, who ever yells for the back seat??? I find it rather comfy in the back seat. I feel almost chauffered when I'm in the back seat.Now, I won't buckle my seatbelt in the backseat. I feel like a bitch if I'm buckled in the backseat. But I'm in the backseat and the cops won't pull us over for that. So one other less duty I don't have to do. Why??? Cause I don't have to scream Shotgun.

But what qualifies for a front seat??? Age?? Height/weight?? Who's stronger??? To me, I feel it depends on the situation. If I've been riding with someone as a routine and then someone comes in and starts yelling SHOTGUN......give me a break. Thats pushing yourself into my comfortable routine. Why do I have to mix it up??? I was here first. If I'm the oldest in the whole car, then I should have front seat, but its void if the girlfriend or wife of driver is there. Then that is automatic front seat.

Now I know you smokers are like "Wait, we need to have a window to flick the ashes out." WHY!?!?!?! What did I do to have to sit in the back and have the ashes flicked into my face??? With me sitting in the front seat, I could be doing you a favor by not having to smoke. Can smoking wait until we get from one place to another?? Does smoking taste better in the car...or the front seat??? I've done it, and its really no different. But thats just me.  It's getting me angry! *lights cigarette*

Its not the fact that I want the front seat over the back seat, its the fact that its such a hassle for everyone to call front seat and then hassle when they don't get it that bugs me. Thats why I call Forever Backseat. Let that catch on for a couple years and then soon everyone will be yelling that and I can have the front seat back all over again.  ~=IKON=~

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