Shylilazn's Brat Spat.

Shylilazn's understanding on why you don't let children eat food before it is paid for, exemplifies how norms get the reason behind an idea wrong in today's society. The reason you don't let a spoiled child eat a cookie, is not because you have not paid for it, but because whining is not acceptable. It is not the act of eating the cookie or drinking of the bottled water that is wrong, but the outburst, if that desire is not fulfilled.The parent knows or at least should know, if the child needs a drink or some sustenance and someone who is not familiar with the situation (shylilazn) should not be the judge of it, if that child receives what it desires. Perhaps it's high time the child had a drink or some food in it's stomach. Why did the parents wait till the last minute? Who knows? There might be a good reason behind it. I say, take care of your own child and let other parents do what they think is right for their children. Yes, there is definitely bad parenting out there. Fight it, by paying the utmost attention to your own child.
Uploaded 07/10/2013
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