Sibling Love

So i have an older brother, josh. He's 25 and has a baby due in late febuary, his baby mamma and him arn't married, and are really only together for the kid. When he was in highschool he became a drug addict, mostly heroine, which is why he now has hepatitus C. when he was my age he did some pretty fucked up things to this family, stole money, cars (which is the point of this blog) he would even take money from me, his 10 year old little sister, out of my little money box that i prob never had more then 10 bucks in at a time, to buy a pack of cigarettes..but as he started getting older he made attempts to better his life. he tried going to college, but didn't even finish a semester. he tried getting better jobs, which he'd keep for some time, but then do something to fuck it up. he'd even tried rehab 3 times, but he'd always relaps.

As of now, as far as i knew at least, he's over his drug problems (though i'm sorta finding out now that my parents don't tell me everything and it seems he could be using again) but he still has an alcohal problem. and really hasn't done anything to screw any of us over for the past couple least till now

him being my older brother, i've loved him very much. me and my mom have really been the only ones in the family who had any hope for him. he's not my dad's real son, but my dad adopted him when he and my mom got married. so that already makes him less close to him. my dad basically gave up on him a long time ago. My other brother,zac, whos 21 now, got so much money taken from him, had his car stolen from him just too many times, that yes he still loves him on some level, but basically hates him.

Well last night nicholle, baby mamma, droped him off because she was fed up with him because, he yet again comes home smashed. my parents and josh talked forever about how he needs to man up for his son, etc etc.

this morning he comes in my room and asks if he can borrow my car to get subway since theres only bird food in the kitchen. i gave him the benefit of the doubt and let him take the car. and he did come back. so i proceeded to take a shower and get ready for work. when i was ready i let my dog out and started looking for my keys...are you kidding me??

i look outside and my car is gone. he has no cell phone because he cant afford one. so i called nichole hoping he had said something to her, she has no idea. so i call my mom, no answer, call my dad, no answer, call my moms work, again, no answer. good fucking thing i wasn't in an emergency. so as im walking around my house yelling obseneties to the phone as i make a million phone calls my mom finally gets home, and if hes not home in the next hour were calling the cops

for all i know he could be driving my car all around balitmore (where he always goes) and is giving people rides for money for god knows what..(unfortunatly i just filled up last night so it has a full tank) so it could be awhile till i see my car again..

for now im gunna have to use my moms car for work, but i don't know how im getting to school tomorrow..

so much for sibling love..


Uploaded 12/02/2008
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