Sibling Rivalry

I have found myself wondering just how many other people are sick of the democrats and republicans taking shots at each other. More specifically, the democratic and republican presidential candidates. I mean, come on, enough mud slinging. Focus on promoting yourself and your goals, platform and all that, rather than degrading the other nominee and saying slanderous things about them. I mean at this rate, it's coming down to something close to sibling rivalry. Lying about what the other did, to the parents, who in this case is the average voting citizen. Why not just put the two candidates in a ring and have them yank each other around by the hair and bitch slap each other? Well, when you consider McCain's thinning hair, and Obama's short hair, I guess you couldn't put them in a fighting situation like that. But hell, the way they act, they would probably kick the other in the family jewels and declare themselves the winner if they could, but they couldn't, because there would still be people rooting for the man who's on the ground holding his junk. But back to my point, stop trying to disgrace the name of the other candidate, stop trying to degrade him, stop the damn slander. Each candidate has pros and cons about them, we should all know this. But do the candidates themselves realize this? Perhaps not, perhaps they think that, they, themselves are perfect for the presidency. It would make a lot of sense too. You can't run for the presidency without thinking that, and if you do run with an unsure attitude, unsure that you are the best man (or woman, someday), who's to say you wouldn't fail? So that'll end this rant of mine. But if you feel or wish the candidates to stop slandering and slinging mud at each other, please comment, as such.

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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