Sick and tired of people not taking responsibility for the vast

Most of the people who read this will fall into the 90% bracket of underpaid U.S. citizens who likely are facing tougher and tougher obstacles as a result of our current financial crisis.

My message is to each and everyone of you. Don't sit back and let that other 10% or so of our country that controls 80~% of the world's wealth use it to manipulate you and your country for their own personal gain.

There are people starving in the world by no fault of their own except that they were born into a country that is fails in supporting them because what the have of little worth has been raped and pillaged by the same money hungry buffoons in our country (and those from other Industrialized Nations) .There are people in this world who will never get an education because their parents have to choose between being able to afford a meal to feed their family or being able to afford the books that are necessary for their child to attain an education.

I know alot of you reading this will be shit for brains, and I'm frankly not surprised that your so blinded by hatred, blinded by greed, blinded by self preservation because you have been ravaged, raped, abused and left for dead by a government that teaches you the easiest way to survive in this world is to only take care of your self, and fuck any/every one else. And then there are those of you who will be hateful just because your wired that way. Well, this blog isn't for you.

This blog is for the people out there who want to make a diference in life and plan to become someone. Those of you who came into this life with a sense of purpose. A chance lies just at the end of a fiber optic cable going to your local government represenative. Tell them you want equal distribution of your country's wealth for all your people. Tell them you want fair trade for all other countries in the world. Tell them you want to see an end put to poverty starting with a 50% reduction of the severely impoverished in the next 10 years. Do you have a better idea, then tell them that too.

Beyond this all I ask is that you think about it. Think what you can do to help others. Think what you can do to help the situation. I hope you realize that with each person we liberate from poverty with an education you are one person's thought process closer to finding a working solution to poverty in the world today.

Slavery is mostly gone. We're more racially diverse and less racial than we've been in the history of the world. It takes trendsetters, motivated people like your self to do your part to bring balance to the world. Everyone deserves as much chance to live and contribute to the betterment of humanity.

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