Simple Message, Baby Boomers

I haven't written for quite some time, mainly because the blog section turned in a direction that just wasn't what I was looking for I guess. The reason I am writing today is political and oh yea everybody loves politics....NOT!
I watch these younger men and women out there screaming about the rich and the unfairness of life and most of me believes exactly that, but that isnt what I wanted to say. I am looking at this through a fathers eyes and my youngest daughter just graduated from college and I watch her struggle in these uncertain times. This is heart breaking to a parent to watch this journey she is on and I found myself angry and pissed at this whole damn society and the loss of motivation to just do better, do something! Then I realized damn it they are doing something and their parents are actually talking smack at these kids out there fighting for what they believe in. I am amazed at the group of people I grew up with, bitching about these younger people taking a stand for something. If these so called unpatriotic Americans would put down their Starbucks Coffee and pick up a joint and grow their hair long I wonder who they would be, look in the mirror and take your greed out of your eyes and you would see yourself Boomers! There was a time when we would have joined in with these kids but we have bought into the "protect the rich bullshit"  and a lot of you have joined the Tea Party WOW!!!! I wonder if you could go back and look at yourself now what would you think, surprise!!  I KNOW!!!!!
I hear it all the time that these trouble makers, these anti-Americans, these lazy worthless people have no direction and they are just looking for the easy way out. I dont know maybe, but I think it is a lot simpler than that after all we raised them. Their message is simple really making money is great everybody loves that but stealing it from us and getting away with it? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!  I dont know if I agree with everything this group is doing but I certainly agree with doing something. Keep fighting for what you believe in, we baby boomers used to do that also....
Thanks for reading Bohank
Uploaded 10/15/2011
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