Since I finally left that succubus...

     Its been one week since I left that infernal wreckage of evil and irrationality I used to call my girlfriend.  Since then my life has done nothing but get better. 

     Seriously, I forgot what it was like to speak my mind without fear.  To joke around without judgement.  And to watch whatever I want without her over my shoulder waiting for a reason to pounce.  No longer do I have to screen movies for content, make sure I take all the lingerie ads out of the newspaper before I bring it home, or expect a random call at work just to bitch at me for made-up reasons.

     More than anything I'm thankful for my friends who are still willing to hang out with me after the two years or so I spent in captivity.  I missed two weddings, countless concerts and shows, and too many parties to count during that time. 

     Don't even get me started on money.  Never again will I need to spend half my paycheck on an ungrateful and spiteful woman.  The chains have been broken, my bonds shattered.  I can roam freely, on my own.  I'll finally be able to start saving money again, sweet.

     I went from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, to one pack every three days.  I smile more.  I'm reestablishing friendships.  My options keep growing. 

     So, the moral of this story, is that if you start dating someone and end up not really getting along, don't be a pussy bitch and miserably stay with them.  Oh, and stay far, far, FAR away from young bitches with insecurities and daddy issues. 

Uploaded 11/15/2012
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