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Ive been rather quiet in the blog section as of late. creeping along silently, reading blogs, ever so often leaving my usual cynical and degrading comments. truth be told, nothing has happened of late that struck me as interesting enough to blog about. pretty much the most exciting thing to occur in my life recently is the new boondock saints movie coming out tomorrow. i know, pathetic right? well fuck you, i bet youre life isnt any more exciting.

a couple of thoughts have occured to me as of late however. first, im seriously considering having my middle name legally changed to 'sex machine'.  not that the change would be any indicator of my manly prowess, but rather for the comedic value alone. i mean, lets be honest, im on the internet blogging away on a thursday night rather than pimpin' it up with large breasted, loose moraled women... fuck my life...

second: i motion that for the entire year of 2010, all action movies should cast gary coleman as the lead role. imagine the humor of watching gary coleman saying " what you talkin bout willis?" while donning supermans tights, or cocking a shotgun in a drug raid. even funnier would be when the leading lady has to carry HIM out of the burning building, vampires lair, etc. its definitely something to think about.

as an addendum to my thoughts for the day, id like to add this: i am a meagerly 5'7" tall. by most standards you would consider me 'short'. well fuck you! if this were thailand, i could play professional basketball, assholes. anyway, as a short guy i find tall women extremely sexy. i mean extremely tall women. my reasoning behind this is simple: when people see a tall beautiful woman with a short man they assume one of two thing. 1. that guy must have alot of money. 2. that guy must have a huge cock. either way its an ego boost and i enjoy my quiet moment of victory over the tall man. 

thats all i have for today. i leave you with some simple observations. wallboy jacks off to tranny porn and plugs his ass with an obama dildo (see 'headostate' dildo at, platypuss, shezagods, and webb 1704 should post topless makeout pics for us all to enjoy, and this blog section needs to do a little less 60 minutes and a little more hustler forum. that is all, continue with your day

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