Site of Jesus' Crucifixion & "Resurrection" to be CLOSED!

Here's a bit of news you wont find in your American JEW DOMINATED MEDIA, that might actually be related to a few Americans interests... The state of Israel is officially closing down (soon to be demolished and replaced by a Synagogue- mark my words) the site where jesus was crucified and "resurrected" over unpaid water bills... Imagine that, a jew closing down a competing organization over money... NO SHOCK THERE. i personally am an athiest. what bothers me is that most americans are christians and support the state of israel that REPEATEDLY PISSES ALL OVER YOUR CHRISTIAN/AMERICAN FACES! This time they are wiping all traces of your prophet and his church off the face of the earth. Americas response? Probably to donate another 6 billion dollars to israel and say THANKS, YOUR PISS TASTES GREAT IN MY MOUTH, CAN I HAVE SOME MORE :) The israelis will oblige and piss on you some more. What americans do not understand, is its the irsaelis that cause you your greif in the middle east, not the muslims. as soon as you americans realize and except that EVERYTHING that happens in the middle east, including dead american soldiers, is a DIRECT RESPONSE to your actions and meddling in foreign nations affairs. for the life of me, i cant figure out how you havent come to this conclusion on your own. but then again, half you dumbasses still think youre over there in the name of democracy... because from a LOGICAL stand point, 80% civilian casualties rate is not an acceptable for "humanitarian" reasons. You can not go in a country and kill 80% of is civilians, to get rid of one bad guy. that makes democracy NOT WORTH IT, trust and they feel the same over there. while american "humanitarians"- humanitarians they call  themselves, scream at the top of their lungs to bomb sovereign nations. and then at teh end of the day, you have the gaul to call afghanistan an "ass backwards" country for their religion and lack of development... whats ass backwards is saying your coming to help people... with bombs.. and then kill ahlf the people you say youre helping... it can not be anymore obvious and clear, your only mission in the middle east is to secure and develop oil fields and other natural resources.. just like hitler... they even brought all his top thinkers from the SS and other nzai ogranizations, to help with the process in an operation called "paperclip". you think they ONLY used those guys for rocket tech? americans are so gullible. there are people right now as you read who are planning to take over the entire world and reduce the population by at least  80%. they write and publish their "theories" all over the world in science journals about eugenics, and such and then to no surprise, some of these people gain seats on the science board in american and european commission's.. whats to gain? the world and all of its power and resources, youre CRAZY if you dont think theres someone already trying to take it all for themsevles.. this isnt a hollywood movie, but just like in hollywood, its probably going to be the jews. good luck earth,   
Uploaded 11/03/2012
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