SJG is a bitch

Things I hate about SJG. This is mainly why I left her dumbass. I mean, there wasnt much reason to go living with her when shes just a huge piece of shit who ruined my life.

1.       Im getting old and she wont produce offspring for me all my friends are having kids and I want one too.

2.       She doesnt want to go to swingers clubs with me so I can tap all that strange. One woman forever is not good enough.

3.       She had the audacity to alienate her best friend from our lives. I was getting it on with the friend and now I have to find other ways to sneak out and fuck her.

4.       Im not a coat rack. If she brings a coat she needs to hold the fucking thing herself. I do not want to hold her shit.

5.       Why does she feel the need to keep asking me how my day was. I dont even care how my day was. I just want to forget it and move on. If I dont want to remember mine, I sure as hell dont want to think about hers.

6.       Im sitting at the computer rubbing one out to some cool as shit midget horse riding porn and here her dumbass comes, wanting a hug or some other gay ass shit. Why cant she just yank me off and leave me alone?

7.       Im so tired of just seeing her naked ass, why cant she agree to bring a third into the marriage?

8.       Her boobs are sooo small. I hate them. Ive offered time and again to get a loan to pay for them to be larger and she keeps saying no.

Uploaded 10/03/2010
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