SJG, Tomlet, and Wallboy too.....

After you have been around Ebaums for a while you notice the effect the seasons have on people. We are now entering the best time of the year for parents and that is kids going back to school but it also effects Ebaums too. When school first lets out we normally have a barrage of kids coming on here bored and looking to piss somebody off and being successful when they keep plugging away, maybe we will keep a couple of these kids and they can teach us something. The real benefit we get is SJG, Tomlet, and yes even Wallboy are here spending their summer with us but once school starts we lose them for most of the day but they are hooked and will come on in the evening and leave way to soon and I am sorry to see this but they are building our kids minds and futures.

I have written a blog or two about teachers because I have some strong feeling about some stuff and the importance of their jobs, as a matter of fact SJG spanked my ass for one of them I wrote. It felt so good I almost wrote another but she knows where I live and I think she would have driven here and kicked my ass if I had. So to teachers on Ebaums good luck and I hope you reach at least one kid this year.......come on its possible. lol


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 08/19/2009
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