Skyline - My movie Review

Just a little note, going to be spoilers, so if you want to go see it, don't read this.


If you like alien invasion films, your going to like Skyline.  Its like independence day on roids....also, it lacks the US gonna win speech from said film (which was good)

I know a lot of people are going to complain about the lack of information - you really don't find out fuck all about the aliens, why they came - zip.  I hear that they (the makers of the film) got screwed with their production budget - that is why most of the action occurs in the condo.  The acting is rather meh, but the CGI - that is pure gold.

Once you see the aliens, and the action between the aliens and the military your jaw will drop to the floor.  As I said, the characters are paper thin - and the directors attempt at making you care about them is pointless - I just want to see more of that kickass CGI.

The ending, well - they should have ended it when you see the aliens wipe out humanity (and use us as spare parts.)  Instead, they give us some baloney drama crap which even made me groan with disappointment.

(and yes, they do kill everyone, their tech, which is kind of borg like totally dominate us)

If you have a nice entertainment center at home, I would just wait and buy this movie on blue-ray.

Uploaded 11/13/2010
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