SLACKJAW 2012!!!

My fellow ebaumers it has gained my attention that the blog section has been stumbling for many days! What once was a peaceful blogging community with interesting blogs, somewhat friendly people, and no spammers, has sadly fallen prey to Trolls, psychos, and alts. There has been many attempts to stop these deranged crack whores but nothing has worked! To make problems worse no one has done there job eliminating them!

What we need is someone to take control, lay down the laws, accept the harsh responsibility as president of the blog section! Take over and kick out the dictator and all the followers and restore order to this once kickass section! I used to be blind by nekos ways and did not see what was the true side of things, but it finally hit me that I had become what I despised! I took neither side in the battle and was attacked by Neko so I eventually said fuck it she is crazy and just stuck to the people who were some what sane and made many friends. Which I am glad I did because I can actually blog now!

What I am getting at is that I would like to take Neko's place as "owner" and bring back the old blog section where people like Rednote, Dangle, Tyade, Rin, Frogbob, Fuzzy, and many others can blog without being harassed, and they're stories being flagged. I do not have any enemies besides Neko I guess, and would like to treat everyone equal and restore the former glory to the BLOG SECTION!

Uploaded 09/28/2011
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