So ive stopped taking sleeping pills a.k.a. bong hits, before heading to bed and realized that falling asleep is nearly impossible which might explain why im up right now writing a blog. Yeah, fuck me right?

But anyways this brings me to a solid point my roomates and I concluded. My former roomate was a genius, he's like a plus size einstein and my friend whos still my roomate is a little on the helen keller side. So my smart friend says one night that he has trouble sleeping and he thinks its because he's always thinking because thats what smart people do, they think, i guess. I make a comment on his arrogance and the three of us continue watching tv. We're talking, joking around and all of a sudden my slower roomate is passed out snoring. Keep in mind its a little late and my living room isnt really big at all. Also, we were all just talking. In fact, i just got done laughing at one of my slow roomates jokes when i realized he was sleeping.

A thought then runs through my head about what my smart roomate said. I realize that he was 100% right. My slow roomate could fall asleep on fucking demand because he was never thinking. He never had a thought in his head or at least an intelligent, interesting one at least. He could fall asleep in a fire if he didnt think it would end up killing him.

This also i guess made me realize something else, im a fucking retard when i smoke weed according to this logic. Right now, not high, and cant sleep making me Issaic "The Cock" Newton. However, when i get high, i fall asleep in a matter of seconds making me dumb as shit.

So looks like any blogs around 11 or 12, dont expect much, they were written by a dumb shit who wanted a good nights sleep.


Your King.

Fuck platypus.

With an HIV + dick.

Uploaded 10/29/2009
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