Sluts and Sweethearts - Both Delicious

This article might in fact be one of the more retarded conceptions ever realized on the entirety of the fucking internet. I advise this Bidisha bitch to change her face or something before I really have a reason to exercise my NEW FOUND misogyny towards feminism. 
In my opinion this article breeds far worse sociological and psychological problems. Personally I have no problem with the idea of a feminist or classical feminism, but this is one whole other breed of bullshit. Please let me know your take on it!
Take this excerpt for example, seems like more of a war on the English language that anything else;
"There's humourless, paranoid, selfish, prudish, unable to take a joke, hysterical, man-hating, aggressive, butch: these words essentially just mean "shut up, woman"
Hey Bidisha, it's all about context Babe. Back to Grade 3. Anyways, I know this seems like far-off shit as its from a UK website. But this woman has appeared on many a BBC show, which some how always find's its way into North American media. There's something far worse than feminism out there humanity...Extremist Feminists.
Uploaded 09/14/2011
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