"Smoling Ban" Fuck ya.

Sorry rabbi, I cant let you get away with this.

I am not a smoker.(Smoler) I think it is discusting, dirty and rude. Smokers are the only people you will find standing outside in the middle of a blizzard every couple of hours, just to get that nicoten fix. Even a crack head wont do that. I dont want to smell that shit.

The smoking ban is the greatest idea EVER. Yes, you have been able to smoke in bars and restaurants for a long time. And now people realize how stupid that is. I enjoy going to a bar or casino or and having a drink. This does not mean that I want to breathe that in because you are sitting next to me.

THere was a time when people smoked in hospitals, movie theaters and even on airplanes. Can you imagine-airplanes? Fuck that.

Even if there are no kids around your ciggarettes, what defense do you have for the bartenders, and other non-smokers around you who are getting your cancer? Keep your cancer to yourself.

In my state they are even trying to ban it in apartments becuase of the smoke coming through the vents. HaHa!

Places that ban it will NOT lose money becuase the majority of the population does NOT smoke. This has been proven in the states that have already done it.

Like I said in my comment: I hope you get cancer and die. Okay, thats a little harsh...Lets just say i hope my mother inlaw dies from it. Soon.

Uploaded 01/17/2009
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