So can you hurt some one if you get a chance ??

So the question is if you have an opportunity to make someone else life miserable to make them suffer and get away with it .. Will you do it .If you are sane minded person I am sure you will say no .. But the ans is  Yes ..  and the examples are all around us .

           Every morning I do fairly long commute to and from my work .. and every day I notice these assholes with their pathetic shitbox on the highway mostly driving cheapest model of the shittiest brand out there.. they take over or merge in or out of lane without any warning ..they have their own speed .. usually they fight their way to the fastest  lane and then  just cruise at below avg speed .. like they triumph something, giving their pathetic lil ego a sense that  there is at least some sort of accomplishment in their shitty little lives   

 Maybe I am over sensitive but I notice these asshole growing in numbers .. they are their at drive through ordering a cater for the entire family jamming up the line or taking double cars park space just to park their Mazda 3  and somehow I notice majority are women drivers in their early 30s to 40s other are pussy looking middle age guys with usually a cap to hide away their bald spot  .. doing their makeup or eating the double cream cheese bagel while swirling in and out of traffic and if God forbid by mistake you try to merge in their line not only they will do everything to fuck you up even if that includes doing a tip maneuver .. but once blocked you successfully they will catch up to you  and give you that look as WTF you think you are doing ..

 People usuing think those Honda ricers are the one you should lookout for when they are zigzagging out of the traffic dangerous they are, they are in a lot less in number compare to the people who deny to acknowledge that their minivan cant outran a GT-R because I am witness of this too  

 So to you who are like these people I do understand that you have a pathetic little life and I fear that one day it will end right on these highway when u bump into another one like yourself ..I pray for your safety for your love one sakes and hope God will help you find whatever that you are trying to accomplish by making other people miserable ..

Uploaded 11/27/2012
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