So...Does everyone on the whole website hate x22faggle??


I've been reading through comments and blogs etc. and I've noticed something.  Almost everyone on this website hates pot leaf cock suck just about as much, if not more, than I do.  Every single comment this little dead fetus makes gets 14 thumbs down and a string of responses that remind him that he's terrible.  In fact, let's list some of the things people have revealed about your favorite cum dumpster and mine, x22tizzle.


He's gay

He's fat,

He's ugly,

He's a virgin,

He doesn't know anything about drugs as he claims to,

He has seen a man's penis besides his own,

He has sucked a mans penis besides his own,

He has swallowed jizz on multiple occasions,

He kills babies with his typing,

He bed wets,

He has been beaten up by a midget, a nerd, and an elderly person,

He has had sexual relationships with a variety of farm animals, including the sheep dog,

He should die in a car crash if karma has any scruples, 

He has Down, Up, Left, and Right Syndrome,

He should have been aborted,

Small children run from him because he wants to pee in their butts,

He once tried to kill himself by eating pop rocks and drinking soda cause he's a fucking idiot (next time use the drano you tool),

He seriously uses the term "battle blog",

His blogs are so fucking boring that you can't read more than 5 or 6 lines of them,

He is a truly ignorant, uninformed, spiritually bankrupt idiot,

His deep, meaningful experiences are something that most fifth graders have had by the time they discover what a boner is,

He shocks us on a daily basis by remembering to breathe.


Look tizzle.  No one likes you.  You're a waste of blog space and bandwidth.  Why don't you do all of us a favor, and just stop it before we're all getting questioned by the cops as to why you committed suicide. (I would personally tell them that you were probably so starved for friendship and attention that you thought a suicide attempt would gain you someone who cares about you, but that your incredible stupidity, ironically, turned the attempt into a success...and there would be much rejoicing).


Fuck off.  Fuck fucking off, and go have sex with your dad.  No one likes you, and in case you didn't realize, that list is a string of insults that multiple people have delivered upon you with great vengeance and fuuuuuuuuuurious anger.  

You're gay, get off our website you pussy.


Uploaded 06/17/2009
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