So how come no one votes on anything here?

Like my little profile page says I am not new to this site at all, just new to makig a profile and therefore the things that come with a profile, comments, voting that sort of thing.

For a real long time I was at which is pretty much the same with this site(just more stuck up people) but that site instead of having erep points you have a bunch of points that you us in monthly contest, the more points you through in the contest the more of a chance you had to win. But I am not sure what is wrong but they haven't done a contest since like november so that means all the regulars are going to get like billions of points, and the people who don't religiously get points for spikedhumor (I) will have a smaller chance, therefore I am here.

The sites are pretty much the same, rate, comment, upload for points. But the big difference is like no one votes here. I mean I upload something on spiked and within 5 minutes there is like 16 votes. I upload something here and I am lucky to get one vote. So if most people have or haven't noticed I vote on everything I watch here and some don't enjoy this because I do give a 1 star to things that are crap. I also do think it is funny that you hit the Highest Rated tab and you will see things at the top because of like 3-4 votes. I just checked on spiked and the highest number of votes I have seen is like 12,000. That is higher than normal but still much more votes than what I see here.

I am just not sure why there is a difference in why people don't vote on here. I mean there was a slight more incentive to vote on spiked because as you gained points you gained levels and each level would deteremine how much your vote meant. So say if a whole bunch of noobs went on a downvote spree and I voted it up, because I was level 50 it would raise it up a whole bunch. And I actually liked that because your time there meant something.


So any ideas why people here don't vote much? Or do they just note care enough too?

Uploaded 04/18/2009
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