So I am finally starting a new job next week!

What's up everyone!?!?  It's been a very long time since I've even thought about putting some kind of blog here on ebaumsworld.  I haven't submitted anything in a while either.  My wife and I just had our 2nd baby and I've been pretty busy with the kids at home.  But I'm sure none of you  even remember who I am.  Anyway on to the reason I am posting this.  I have been doing security for 9 years!  I had a great paying security job and it helped my family live a good life.  Then out of the blue they cut my pay.  Well for a year now I've been searching for another job.  I said to myself "well if they're going to treat you that way then you don't need to be doing security anymore".  So I finally found another job.  This job will help me advance to start doing one of my passions!  I will be starting next week as a "Dietary Aid" and then I will work my way up to be a Chef!  I love cooking so this is great that I can finally be somewhere that I can start a career at!! 

I don't really know how many of you actually care but I thought I would talk about it anyway because I am so excited and this site has always been my internet home!


P.S. Dread I seen you on tv the other day talking about online videos to a show that plays online videos!!  Congrats on that!
Uploaded 02/23/2012
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