So Much Bullshit!!!

Another contractor I was working with proudly told me his son who was attending Ottawa University as a biology student was working on the BP oil spill clean up.  He told me his son is being paid three thousand dollars a week to basically go around in a small boat collect sea birds and clean them.  At best he might be able to rescue three birds a day.

He explained BP is hiring up as many biology students as they can, so that they won't in the future disclose information that could be detrimental to BP.  His son had to sign an agreement that made it illegal for him to disclose any information in regards to his experiences. So it would appear that big oil is basically buying up any creditable witnesses they can find.

I stumbled upon this video of a bunch of tar ball cleaners, basically slowly stumbling about  with small shovels, dog shit scoopers and plastic bags slowly collecting tar balls. There are machines that can perform this task, but because the beach is a national park they are not allowed there.

So, a huge amount of disinterested cheap laborers who are totally inefficient and careless of their performance are allowed to continue doing a pathetic clean up job. They are probably missing half the shit and on top of that they are only allowed to dig down six inches.

BP is hiring up future biologist and getting them to sign disclosure agreements to cover up the extent of the damage and hiring cheap labor to quell government action and possible future legal liabilities.

So Much Bullshit!!!

Uploaded 12/04/2010
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