so much bullshit

so much shit for one person to deal with so it feels i have a 20 year old sister who gave me one of the most beautiful niece's any woman could ask for.. she is such a doll and calls her self Aunties Girl... 
well that's besides the point my sister is married and has been since she was 17  i am her one and only older sister .. how do i sit back and watch her get kicked out of her own home by her husband over and over again
here for the last few weeks shes been stayin in my spare bedroom with outher daughter long story on why but just monday im takin her to the dr to get an std test cause she caught him having sex with another woman in her bed and she dont know if he used protection
after the drs appt she tells me which i already knew but he has been physcially violent with her in the past and as i know from past experiences and such if they do it once they do it again and over time it gets worse but like dude this is my sister.. shes here right now down stairs yet again after she ran back to him two days ago.. and hes out doin coke and shes here with me.. wtf do i do .. i feel like ive done all i can as a sister for her she must make her choices now

i have seen her yell at this man and tell him to leave her the fuck alone and to stay away but he pulls the baby i love you im so sorry ill never do it again...
so much and i feel like im watching this dude pull shit and give her a huge mental mind fuck that if she dont get away soon it could fuck her up mental wise for a long time.. but til i can get her to see what hes doin to her.. i feel like one day she is gonna leave and never come back.. its actually that bad.. i dunno i guess i just sit back and be there for her no matter what its all i can do right?
Uploaded 10/22/2011
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