If you're American or British, the odds that you have a MySpace or Facebook account are pretty huge. The same goes with Hi5 and the remaining population of Europe. Now, how many of you made a realistic description of yourself ? No, seriously, realistic ?If there's something that pisses me off (angry, not drunk) more than people, is people talking about themselves. Honestly !Now, open a new tab in your browser, and go to MySpace. Really. Login and go to the MySpace of someone you know. If you don't have any real friends, just go to the MySpace of someone you usually stalk. Know what I mean ?If it's a girl, it will probably say: cute, sense of humor, nice (?sympathetic?), if it's a guy, it will probably go something like: good looking, great sense of humor, athletic, good listener. now, to the common point.Being good-looking is more than use lots of makeup, taking shots from harsh angles, or displaying black&white pictures. Being athletic is also something more than just shrinking your belly in front of the bathroom mirror while you take a snapshot.The same goes with being 'nice' (?sympathetic?). Being nice is more than winking at the hot girl that goes by, or being really sleazy to the auto vendor. Being nice is getting caught on a really bad day, and still have the guts to pay the pension to your ex wife, or giving a grin to the waiter that just sneezed on your food.The final and most important is sense of humor and people have apparently forgot what it means. It's not about the conventional standard jokes, or giggling to a slightly taboo'd silly gag, it's not even about smiling when a meme is perfectly used. It's more about laughing your ass out when you just managed to accomplish a Monster Nutshot (at least after the morfin effect goes out) or smile when you see a sexist/racist joke.In the end we all like to describe ourselves to be more than what we really are, being at MySpace or on our own funeral, but the truth is, if virtual accounts weren't so full of lies, would you still be willing to meet your wife in the real world ?

Uploaded 12/21/2008
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