Social Studies 101

I want to try and educate some people out there who seem to think they know a little something about the US, the Constitution and the general mentality of US citizens.  You see it really bothers me and sometimes I get down angry when I see individuals spout off about the US and many of the issues pertaining to this country.  There are numerous opinions and ignorant comments being thrown around by people who do not know what they are talking about.

One point I want to address is for those people who think the US is nothing but a bunch of greedy war mongering imperialistic mindless thugs.  That could not be furthest from the truth.  You see people who have that opinion of our country are usually close minded arrogant self righteous know it alls.  Not everyone, but many of them are, and the biggest disappointment of all is the fact that a large number of these people are citizens of the US.  The problem is many people who feel this way are being influenced by the media, teachers and college professors who have a deep rooted and misguided hatred towards the US and capitalism.  Many students in the US and especially other countries are being fed lies and twisted facts about this country and it is HORSECRAP!!!  This country is not perfect by any means and throughout history we have made our share of mistakes, but this is still the land of opportunity and still the freest country on the planet.  The US was founded on 28 basic principles, which later led to the Constitution.  Throughout the years, especially in the last 40 years these principles have been slowly forgotten by our government officials and are almost extinct from schools, colleges and textbooks.  Many teachers and college professors are more interested in demonizing our fore fathers and the Constitution.  The younger generation of this nation as well as others are being brainwashed into thinking that freedom and life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are old and out and dated concepts.  They feel we are a nation of self serving, uncaring and selfish people.  We are being told that capitalism doesnt work and if our nation does not get on board with the global community then we are doomed to fail as a nation.

Well, I am sorry to say our country was not intended to become part of a global community.  The US was founded on the principles of freedom, which all mankind has the right to enjoy.  These rights were not given to us by man or government, although there are those who beg to differ.  This country was meant to be a nation that allows its citizens to make their own way in life with very limited government intrusion.  But, over the years the government has been slowly chipping away at our freedoms mainly under the guise of wanting to help its citizens.  Here we are in the 21st century with a whole slew of freedom reducing laws and an attitude that the US needs to jump on board with other nations and live as part of a giant global and worldwide nation.  Horsecrap!!!  I and many other Americans do not want to see this happen.  The pilgrims came to this country to get away from all of that.  They wanted to live in a land where they could have freedoms unknown or unheard of in Europe and other areas of the world.  They wanted to be able to speak freely, have their own property and worship God freely.  Years later, after the American Revolution, our fore fathers founded this country with these principles and it worked.  European nations could not understand the concept of a government divided into three branches with a checks and balance system.  But, it worked and can still work today if citizens of the US would throw out the trash in our government and stop worrying about what the rest of the world thinks of us.

We are not a nation of selfish and greedy thugs.  The US is one of the most charitable countries on the planet.  We have shelled out more money and humanitarian aid than any other country in history.  We even offer aid to our enemies.  We have millions of people right here in the US that freely give money and time to various charities and causes to help those in need both foreign and domestic.  We have organizations, religious groups and government programs that offer money, food, clothing, places to live, etc on a daily basis.  Sometimes we give so much in this country that we have created a system where people have become lazy and think they have a right to free handouts, rather than go out and work and make something of themselves.  "The proper role of government is to protect equal rights, not provide equal things."  So, for those of you who hate this capitalistic Republic and want to see it become more of a nation devoted to social justice, well be careful what you wish for, it may come true.  With social justice there is more governmental control and with more governmental control there is less freedom.  

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