Some great jokes about Nuns that would not fit in the joke secti

Three Nuns:

Three nuns died and went to heaven. St. Peater met them all at the gate and told them that they must drink the holy water to cleanse themselves of their sins before they went into heaven.

He said, "However, you ladies have never sinned in your lives. You must go back to earth and commit at least one sin each, then you can come drink the holy water and enter heaven."

So they went to earth and came back two days later.

St. Peater asked the first one, "What did you do for a sin?"

She said, "I pushed an old lady out the Tenth story window of a hotel."

He said, "That is good. Now drink the holy water and go in."

She drank the water and one of the other nuns started to laugh.

The first nun decided to wait outside to find out why the Third one was laughing.

Now the second nun talked to St. Peater and said, "For my sin, I robbed a bank."

He said, "That is great! Now drink the Holy water and you can go into heaven."

She drank the water and the third nun was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically!

The second nun waited outside to so she can find out why she was laughing.

St. Peater asked the third nun, "OK, now what did you do for your sin?"

She said, "I pissed in the holy water!"

Four Nuns:

Four nuns died and went to heaven. When they got there, St. Peater said, "Ok, now whatever sins you have ever committed will be forgiven if you cleans yourself with the holy water. Just confess your sins to me first."

He asked the first nun, "What sin have you committed?"

She was embarrassed and said, "Well, the only sin I have ever committed was, I kissed a man one time."

St. Peater said, "That is ok. Just was your lips in the holy water and you may walk into heaven."

So she did and went into heaven.

St. Peater asked the second nun what she had done to sin.

The second one was even more embarrassed and said, "Well, I touched a mans penis one time."

He said, "That is perfectly ok. Just wash your hands in the holy water and you may go into heaven."

Now the last two nuns were fighting.

St. Peater asked what the problem was.

One of the nuns said, "She was in line ahead of me, but, I think it is only fair that I should be able to gargle in the holy water before she sits in it!"




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