Some People Doubt I was Warned About My Content, Proof is Here!

I've been a member here since March 11 2010 and have really had some good times, but I was warned by a moderator to stop blogging about serious subjects or at least tone it down. I'm starting to think most people think I'm making this shit up, even a moderator questioned my integrity on the matter. I don't like to post private messages, but since I've been essentially called a liar I will defend myself.
DreaD08-1336785195.gifDreaD08Dec 06, 2011 09:53 pmRE: cease and desist 

Stop writing stories about American Politics, you don't know what you are talking about and it hurts my feelings. If you do not stop I will have you  permanently removed from this site!

nyyank257-1350269542.jpgnyyank257Sep 02, 2011 05:24 pm

Regarding one of your media uploads...
I just wanted to inform you that your media item titled "Obama  is an Absurdtation" was removed from the system by one of our moderators. The reason given was: "Take Down Notice".

gonzolo73-1340306466.jpggonzolo73Jul 07, 2011 11:32 pmRE:  Your Blogs

Write things I like or I'll ban  your ass. No more sexually explicit material will be tolerated from you!
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