some serious bullshit right here

My previous blog was about how i just bought i car and how i wanted to put a system in. i ended up getting a pioneer radio and two 12" single voice coiler subwoofers. I also bought exel060 rims. That being said some fucking lady hit me right on the drivers side fender. Bending my wheel into a 45 degree angle and i had to kick my drivers side door open

I was parked in front of my grandmothers house in front of a station wagon. I was getting ready to pull out into the road and i looked back no one was there so i went to pull out a little to get a better view because the wagon was in my way. i must have pulled out maybe a foot into the road and still didn't see anyone so i went to drive away and a blue pontiac rams me in side so hard that my car spun and ended up facing the curb which i was pulling away from. My side skirt flew off and hit the house across the street. i got out of my car to see if the lady was ok and she started talking shit to me about how she just got over pnemonia so i asked her what that had to do with what just happened. then she just started yelling profanities at me after she hit me and my 80 year old grandma.theres was no horn. she didn't even try to brake or even turn to avoid hitting me even though the street is really wide.

The people acroos the st. called the cops and the women is sitting in her car. she's fine and talking shit to me.i was trying to get her information and she would not cooperate. so when the cops show up she starts putting this whole "oh i'm in so much pain" bullshit so i talked to people who saw her well enough to talk shit to me.

this happened on saturday and this morning i got a call about how she wants to sue me. i'm so lucky i didn't put those rims on yet.

Uploaded 10/13/2008
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