Some Thoughts

As I was driving home tonight I was listening to the radio reporting today's tragedy in Japan, The first thing that popped into my head after I first heard about the quake etc was that godzilla has finally returned and this may signal the end for the Islands. I was almost gonna run with this topic until the gravity and severity of the situation there sunk in, so I decided to throw out a few thoughts, some earthquake related some not at all.

This was an 8.9 earthquake, wasn't that like 1000 times more powerful than the Haiti quake?

Is the earthquake there a chance for the US to regain world prominence and possibly utilize this disaster to jump start our own economy? (disaster and wars are profitable)

Is the earthquake there part of the beginning of the end? The book of revelations portends many disasters, then the Lord coming like a thief in the night to sound the final trump. ( I am not seriously worried about this but it did cross my mind)

Did the earthquake there have any effect on gas prices and will those fucking pirate oil companies use this latest disaster as an excuse to raise the prices yet again ?(too bad there weren't global laws about price gouging such as those enacted in independent states)

Did the earth quake there seriously disrupt the cooling systems on their nuclear generating stations and in the event of a meltdown will the prevailing trade winds carry the radioactivity to the US? (remember the balloon bombs of WW2)

Will the Blue oyster Cult song Godzilla experience a resurgence? (it's been running through my head all day)

Why do people on the turnpike when notified  a mile in advance of the toll fee at the upcoming booth not have the money ready? (I always seem to get stuck behind the person that takes 5 minutes getting the toll fee, You're on a turnpike there are gonna be tolls)

Why did What's her name greet me at the door in flannel pajamas tonight? (we live in Florida not South Dakota)

Since I''ve never had Red bull do i need to worry about nanonars and did the earthquake possibly release even more narwhals and their ilk into the wild? (could this whole thing be part of their plot?)

Well that's about it for now.
You all have a great weekend
Keep Japan and all the affected areas in your thoughts and prayers.


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