Some Uncle on Nephew love

I was thirteen years old the summer I spent at my Uncle Mike's. I lived with my mom and she went to visit friends of hers in Florida. As I was getting to be a “big boy” and was going to turn fourteen in another month it was decided that I could stay that summer with Uncle Mike, who was my mom's younger brother.

When I woke up that first morning Uncle Mike was spooning me from behind and I could feel the hard bulge of his cock in his underpants pressing up against my ass. Instead of being alarmed I felt a reassuring sensation as the man groaned in his sleep and inadvertently humped himself against me. I pressed back gently and squeezed my own hard cock, then went off to sleep. When I awoke probably an hour later Mike was up and had breakfast ready for us.

We fished, worked on his old truck and did a lot of things that summer. The wrestling in our underwear at night on the bed became an almost nightly ritual. Every time we wrestled Mike would pin me down and give me a few swats on my ass. I would always laugh and sometimes this would happen two or three times during the match. I always got hard from this and got a funny feeling in my crotch. I would also notice that Uncle Mike would sometimes have a bulge in his briefs as well. Most mornings I would wake up to find him pressed up behind me and his bulge poking me from behind. I was never worried by this.

About the third or fourth time this happened I lay there and was feeling completely horny as I could feel my uncle's big dick encased in his fruit of the looms nudging against my ass. I suddenly wanted to feel his cock. I gently moved my hand back and and just touched the bulge in his underwear. It felt huge and hot to me. I could feel him breathing on my neck and I slowly moved my hand up and down the bulge in his briefs, feeling the length and thickness of it. I brought my hand back and sniffed it. I could smell sweat and a manly smell that I did not yet possess in my own adolescent crotch. It turned me on immensely and my own cock, barely five inches then was as hard as it had ever been in my shorts. I squeezed it briefly and then went back to sleep.

A little over a week into my stay we had a really good wrestling match going, both of us again in our underwear. We both had bulges in our briefs but neither of us said anything about it or stopped wrestling because of it. Uncle Mike pinned me down on the bed and gave my cotton covered ass three good whacks with the palm of his hand. I laughed and pivoted around, jumping on his chest. My dick was throbbing in the front of my briefs, which was now pressed against his stomach. I could feel his own erection poking between my legs and rapping directly against my bottom. I bounced on him a couple times. We looked at each other for a moment and then he easily swung me off of him and again pinned me face down, this time over his lap. I felt his hand on my ass again and braced myself for another couple of swats. My cock was hard as ever and I could feel his pulsating against mine. Uncle Mike rubbed my butt for a moment and then I felt his fingertips at the waistband of my underpants. He slowly pulled them down and bared my ass, and gave me three good slaps.

Slowly I moved myself backward, impaling myself on his hard cock. I gritted my teeth as his big dick was forced up inside me and I thought I heard him groan. I guessed that now probably an inch or two of him was into me and although it hurt it also felt like nothing I had ever felt before. My dick was harder than a rock. And then Uncle Mike did something I had been dying for him to do. His hand went to my hip and this time it traveled over further and it brushed my hard dick. It moved onto my other thigh and then came back and brushed over my cock again and this time his fist wrapped around it and he gave me a couple of gentle tugs. I thought I was going to pop a nut right then and there. I heard him groan again and then his body pivoted closer to mine and his cock sunk a little further into me. As I groaned with the pain and the pleasure his hand started jerking me off nice and slow. Just as I thought I would not be able to last any longer he stopped masturbating me and I felt his hands on my hips and he gently turned me over on my stomach. With his cock still inserted maybe two to three inches inside of me Uncle Mike straddled over me as I now lay face down on the bed and I felt his lips on my ear.

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