Something broke.....I feel like sharing

I was 18 years old and had a beautiful daughter, and a wife who would sleep with anybody. I remember the night I caught her and something broke, I beat her ass and the guys ass and took off down the road in my 69 Dodge Dart swinger just flying. I went to a convenience store and bought two bottles of Boone's Farm Apple wine and I had just finished one in two drinks and had about half of the other down when I heard tires squealing and voices yelling "there he is get that Fucker!" I looked up and saw the Grand Prix come into the driveway with 5 people in it, my mother in-law and 4 guys and I ran right at this damn car and even before he got parked I pulled his door open and just sucker punched him and he screamed like a little girl. I looked into the back seat behind the driver and knew he wasn't coming out of that car and I ran to the other side just as a guy was getting out and I crushed his leg in the car door a couple times and he pulled his leg back in and he was whining like a bitch. I looked in the back seat and my BIG ole mother in-law was starting to get out and I pointed right in her face and said "if you get out of that car I will kill you" moments later they burned rubber to get out of that driveway. Couple years later my ex-mother in-law told me when she looked in my eyes she saw a crazy person and knew I would do exactly like I said.

So what have we learned here? well never take a two door car to go after a crazy man. lol It has been over thirty years ago and I still regret in my heart that I put my hands on that woman even if she deserved it, because NO woman should ever be hit by a man, NO woman. I dont know why I wrote this except I ran into the guy who got his leg crushed today (he said no hard feelings) it is rather personal but if you know me on here that is the way I am. I hope you young guys will learn from my mistake because as I said 30 years later and I still regret hitting HER, not the others they stuck their noses where they dont belong.


Thanks for reading Bohank



Uploaded 08/25/2009
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