Something For Nothing

I have been looking around the site today, like I normally do, and I thought I would blog a little about what I have observed. I started off the day looking through my Inbox at a bewildering number of PM's of complete shite. Not one singe video I received was worth even a fleeting glance. Then to my surprise there was this fellow williamross7 who apparently has decided to wage some form of adolescent war against some of the top users. I fail to see what this little monkey (who is more than likely just a boy) would be trying to accomplish. That is in dreadfully bad taste William and I recommend you cease and desist (that means stop). 

In an attempt to push my earlier disappointment aside I took a quick browse through the pictures. Low and behold what is the most popular new genre of uploading? There are idiot young girls posting their pictures. I was flabbergasted to see such stupidity in the young members of the user base. Clearly not a single one of these girls (if they are in fact young girls and not high school boys) attempted to read any of Yesterdays blogs about the plight of a foolish 15 year old tramp who found herself in a bad spot.

I was about ready to unplug my Internet connection when I moved on to review the video section. Once again there are 30 plus uploads for the top five and I took the time to look through them too. In a word CRAP, just plain and simple. Most of Today's uploads are years old and almost every single one is already posted on this site. Apparently the search before you upload recommendation was completely ignored and I won't have one bit of sympathy when none of them are able to redeem their points.

I now arrived at the blog section in a last ditch effort to find some sign of intelligent life. I read a couple of godlovesdemeters posts (he is a sure bet for comedy) and a couple of others when I came to one by Dominus. I am pleased to say that there is an actual author writing blogs. I highly recommend Flying Spaghetti Monster kicks Intelligent Ass!. Her work was well written and executed not to mention a very clever interpretation of fundamentalist designs. Dominus I thank you for your contribution and anyone who reads this should comment on her work, rate it highly, and maybe even visit her profile.

My final notes on my excursion through the World of Ebaum are a little brighter than they were to begin with. Users, support the quality posts when you find them and damn to the depths any of the daily garbage some people feel obligated to dump on you in an attempt to gain free goods. There is a lot that individuals can do to keep Ebaum's World the best it can be so get out there and rate and comment and most of all have a good time. Thank you and good night.

Uploaded 08/11/2008
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